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(IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Process that we have been going through is universal for ALL people on Earth at this time.  The Paradigm Shift is planet-wide — if not even greater in scope.  However, each sovereign individual human BE-ing is having a very unique experience of this Shift, based on both their specific circumstances in life, and the particular perspective and attitude which they choose to adopt in any and every given moment, and at what point in The Process they find themselves of course.  Self-comparisons and ‘rankings’ and such are simply . . . . . perpetuating the Illusion, to put it nicely.  Please just let it go.  ALL of it.  Now.  Choose Unity Through Variety instead, Humanity as a stunning mosaic of oft-bewildering, but always fascinating, manifestations of be-ing and do-ing here.  Thank you!)

Wild SCENE, People, Creatures, Mansions -- Pablo A

Over the past week or so, I have been experiencing, and maintaining, the deepest and most relaxing Inner Peace of my life.  I have also been experiencing frequent bouts of ineffable, pure states of Bliss, even feeling waves of ecstatic chills running up and down and throughout my body.  And this has had NO ‘external’ cause, is happening at NO particular time of day, has had no connection whatsoever to my immediate circumstances or situation.  None.  It is spontaneous, magnificent, and utterly overwhelming!

 The Paradigm Shift, the beginning of the Golden Age of Gaia, the Earth Changes – whatever you’d like to label it as – is INDEED in progress, actually in its latter stages of completion . . . . . for those who choose to experience it, of course.  And I personally have definitely chosen — over and over again — to DO just that, and enthusiastically so!!!  The following excerpt from a new blog article posted the other day (seen here) resonated deeply with me regarding both my own recent feelings, personal contacts with the ‘Ocean of Source’, and the NOW manifesting global paradigm shift:

‘The Feeling of Being, the sheer Presence of I AM, the Sacred Chamber of the Heart, is now a tangible Reality, implanted in the collective consciousness of mankind. . . . . It is the Ocean of the Source Which we all share and which is inherently uniting us as inseparable Oneness and Radiant Love. Such Is the Origin from which each One of Us came, and our remembrance of It is dawning now in the One Body of mankind.’

I truly hope that you all join me in embracing and celebrating the wonderful, fantastic New Earth that we are co-creating together – fully aware of its rapid emergence or not – and share in this indescribable Peace and Bliss that I AM now partaking in most of my waking hours.  BE well, and again please consider striving to adopt the following suggestion as your guiding mantra for and in and through our collective grand and radiant future:

‘. . . . (Let’s) ride like waves upon the Infinite Stillness of our Being-ness, arising and dissolving in That Ocean as a dance of light and energy, our new and ascended body-mind a sacred vessel for the force of creation.’

Surfer Tubed, rear underwater view

Gaia, female painter in cosmos w eyesThe Beginning Is HERE

Comments on: "Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss — The Shift is NOW in Progress!" (11)

  1. So with you Dear ONE! I too have gotten to the point of joy for no apparent reason. My body has often shaken or shuttered (in a good way) in an overwhelming OMG moment. I wake around in a surreal state feeling what used to be everyday life in now but a dream. Even though I knew before “Life is but a dream”. Now I really feel it! Here’s to the Wake Up party!!


    • Love it, MH! Row, row, row your boat. . .. Here, Here! And NOW, NOW!!! LOL.. . . . Let’s send out the invites so that EVERYONE can join our Nobody-Left-Behind Cosmic Party! Spread the Good Word.


  2. YES!!! I’m with you Alexander 🙂 I’ve been in the Blissful-Inner-Peace-Serenity-Zone as well for some time now. ‘Normal life’ is a surreal thing that I’m aware of experiencing, but it’s as if I’m watching it from a distance – very weird. The synchronicity has been flowing for ages now as well and I’m just riding the wave :). I really feel we’re almost there!!!


  3. I have been feeling shudders too. I didn’t know where it was coming from and rarely did I ever have them before. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one..


    • You’re welcome. The ‘shudders’, the blissful chills, the jolts of energy that pulse through our bodies on occasion — it’s all part of the process, our Grand Awakening. Most ‘illness’ these days (not all, but a large percentage), especially things that affect the upper chest cavity and throat and sinuses (coughs, colds, allergies and the like), can also be attributed to the physical changes we are experiencing, the physical aspects of the process. Notice how in many cases the Big Pharmy drugs can’t ‘cure’ or even lessen the ‘symptoms’ they are designed to quell. Hang in there, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride as much as possible!


      • I have had some chest issues as well, I used to smoke, but quit, I attributed it to that, but the dr didn’t say anything about it. Every once in a while, there will be a cold like symptom that comes up, but turns out to be nothing. . Does that happen to you as well? Cold symptoms that are really nothing?

        Thanks again for this insight. I have read about it from other sources as well. Still good to hear confirmation from multiple sources..


      • Purging. Cleansing. Releasing. This is a fundamental, and critical, part of the process we are all going through. The physical ‘symptoms’ are simply manifestations of this. No worries, it’s all for the best!


  4. I am very happy because it seems that this has been epidemic state across the globe….


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