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I haven’t mentioned this before in my blog, ‘cos I’ve been too darn busy trying to spread good intel (info) to the rest of humanity.  So, just so you know, I came to realize/feel/understand relatively recently that THIS was my primary mission for the ‘home stretch’ epoch in our loooooong journey through duality: to first gather information over a number of years, look into it as best I could, and then to start communicating with others about this very ‘alarming’ AND ”amazing’ information — alarming regarding the 3D aspects (financial system, oligarchy, Illuminati, control, poisons, manipulation, false flag operations, etc.), and amazing regarding the ‘transcendant’ aspects of our inevitable transition/transformation/transmutation into the ‘higher realms’.

This morning, I got the word.  I was laying on my bed with my wife, and out of now-here a very brief message came into my consciousness:  ‘Relax and enjoy, as your vacation has started.’  Huh?  I asked.  Um, what was that again???  ‘Your vacation has started.’  Oh, OK.  Cool!

My first thought was this:  SOMETHING has happened on this planet, or is happening right now, something BIG.  (Well, to be clear, even bigger than all the other stuff that’s been going on, which has itself been huge, right?)  Good.  Finally!  OK.

I was thinking of writing another blog post this afternoon about something else, thinking about writing a new article that I’ve been asked for from a lightworkers web site, thinking about entering the creative, constructive competition (my take, my interpretation, not the blogger’s) that the WP blog The Alternate Economy is hosting — it’s a really nice program, with a very cool mutually beneficial ‘prize’ — but now I think I’ll just sit back for a day or two and watch things unfold.

Oh, after leaving home for most of the day without going on the internet, I finally got back on line just before writing this, and got clear confirmation that something really, really big did just go down, and that a LOT more is going to ‘come out’ over the next few days (think virtually free energy for everyone on the planet for starters) that will demonstrate, clearly and without any doubt or equivocation or possibility of reversal, that the ‘dark forces’ have finally been completely and utterly vanquished.  For Good.  Go see Ben Fulford‘s latest blog post, or the one from Kauilapeles Blog (also a WP blogger, who reposts exceptionally connected bloggers like Fulford and Dave Wilcock and ‘Poofness’), to bone up on the latest not-broadcast-via-MSM events.  Maybe, just maybe, CNN and BBC will rebel against their ex-masters and get on board soon as well.  One can only hope . . . .

Keep the faith, folks, and it won’t be too much longer before that faith of yours — instead of the fear being offered by the other side — shall be amply rewarded.  Namaste.

P.S. — As you might suspect, my tiny little vacation is not really the BIG vacation I told them was due me after this is all said and done.  No way, as all of us who have been working our chakras off spreading the good word, planting organic gardens, getting closure with our family and friends, promoting alternative healing modalities, occupying parks and streets and our Selves, etc., shall be getting our final (really final) ‘assignments’ — or at least offers thereof — very shortly.  Maybe we’ll run into each other out there somewhere over the next few months.  There’s a LOT of work yet to be done before the ascended lady sings, you know . . . . .

A Day In The Life . . . .

Hi!  For my first ‘real’ blog, I thought that it would be a good idea to give my family and friends a little rundown of what my daily life is like these days.  In order to not bore you too much, I’ll keep it fairly short, in outline form, and only mention the most significant activities (Um, sorry, folks, I’m keeping it all PG rated!).  This entry will also serve to give some of you out there who may be curious a very tiny glimpse of what life is like for a person who has ‘done the work’, already gone through most of the ‘process’ that the entire population of our planet is now rushing through, and has successfully learned how to work with Nature and the Multiverse and his own ego/personality, and what some call ‘spiritual technology’, to manifest his dreams (more than once).  My current lifestyle may not be even a trifle glamorous, but it IS wonderfully relaxed, peaceful, fun, and deeply rewarding in the most important ways.  Personal sovereignty is the only way to go!

Due to my recent major change of locale and situation, for those who don’t already know how I was living for the last 5 years (on the coast only a few minutes from great warm-water surf), I may refer back to a few past situations or events so as to give a better backdrop to this day’s happenings.

I hope you enjoy this small ‘glimpse’ into my daily life, and the associated photos.  As they say in this quiet little Latin American country where I reside, Pura Vida! 

Sunset at beach

Sunset At Local Beach

I got up early (6am, really early for me), with my daughter MB, letting MZ sleep in.  It’s usually the opposite, as I’m more of a night person.  Anyway, my brother-in-law FZ had already left to pick coffee for the day at a nearby plantation.  I got MB changed from her pajamas, and then we played for a little while after I put on an animated movie.

After MZ got up and made some breakfast for her and MB, I made my own omelet that included fresh organic cilantro, basil, mustard greens, and shallots.  Yum!

I changed and went outside to work on the land, which MZ and I are developing as an organic farm (not 100% organic yet, but almost – I give us a year or so before we can go 100% organic permaculture).  I cleaned around the plantings, put stakes by recently planted papa chiricana, helped MZ dig out some accumulated dirt between the rows in ‘her’ little garden by the house, and moved two of the big tomato plants so that MB can’t get to them so easily anymore (and strip them of their beautiful, but unripe, green tomatoes).

I bathed MB while I took a shower (morning bath time is usually MZ’s duty, but she was busy), and later took care of MB while MZ extended some shelves – which I ended up helping her with out of necessity.  At the same time, I reviewed some videos I’d downloaded the night before, went over some e-mails, and wrote a little.

In the early afternoon, I put up some more clothes lines (we’re still setting up the house, as we’ve only had it a few months, and only been in it a few weeks full-time), sprayed some termites on a couple of fence posts, and did a few other little things outside.

I made some ‘lunch’ for MB and I of sweet potatoes gifted to us from a large commercial certified organic farm we visited the other day.  Great family we’ve known for a while (from the Farmers’ Market in the town on the coast where we used to live full-time), and will undoubtedly get to know better in the future.

After lunch, I helped MZ rearrange the kitchen (again).

FZ returned from the coffee plantation, and we talked a bit about the day.

I got on the computer again to write some stuff – like start this blog post!

The water line went dry, so I had to deal with that, text the neighbors (the family who owns it).  It is, fortunately, the best possible water one can find on the planet – gushes right out of the rock of the side of the small mountain we are on, goes right into a holding tank, and then right to our homes.  No added chemicals, no sediment, and lots of natural minerals and such.  It’s the kind of water us humans evolved drinking, direct from the supercharged inner body of Mother Earth.  Awesome.

Ate a few little cookies with our standard afternoon coffee, watching Smurfs in Spanish with MB for a bit.  I usually drink two cups of coffee per day or so, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon.  I LOVE good coffee.  It’s really the only ‘vice’ I have left anymore!  On the more positive side, it’s actually very pure un-messed-with Central American java, grown and hand-picked not too far from here.  Great stuff!  And, like the local cocoa, not damaging to your health (if taken in moderation, of course).

On the computer again for a bit while wife and brother-in-law make big dinner of lasagna, with organic green banana ceviche on the side.  Still on computer while wife brings me dinner.  Very tasty!  BTW, for some of you who have a question about this particular bit . . . .  My appetite for food has recently returned, and so over the past two days I’ve been eating around ¾ the amount a ‘normal’ man would – here.

MB’s already in bed asleep.  I hit it around 10pm, which is around average for me.  Some days I go to bed early with my wife at around 8, some nights not.  Since I totally control my own schedule, I just go to bed when I feel sleepy.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work anyway? . . . .

Mixed in with all this is the standard combination of taking my turns changing MB’s diaper and clothes, and playing with her.  She’s growing more rambunctious and silly every day.  She’s a really happy little girl, and is just growing more and more playful.  It’s hard not to just stop whatever I’m doing and spend some time romping with her – especially when she runs over and jumps on my legs screaming like a banshee, or calls me over to check out her ‘boo-boo’, or wants to paint my toenails after she’s done doing hers (don’t ask).

That’s about it.  Every day is different, sometimes radically different.  This past Sunday, we went to our first local activity, a bingo fundraiser for the local school.  It was fun, and good to mix with the community at a social function.  Our new friends were the primary coordinators, which made it even more interesting for us.  I made sure young, single FZ connected with a couple of local girls, too . . . .

My schedule down on the coast was actually quite distinct.  I surfed 4 or 5 days a week, depending on conditions, of course.  We have a much smaller lot there, but a bigger house.  We have cable there, too, so I watched TV an hour or two per day on average, whereas I hardly watch it at all up here, mainly a tiny bit when MZ and FZ are watching the local news or something remotely interesting.  I don’t miss it a bit. (Maybe I’ll do a blog on the ‘Boob Tube’ issue someday – it’s pretty huge, especially for those of us raised on it.).  We only get three stations anyway at this point . . . .  I also spent more time on the computer down there.  The high-speed wifi tends to encourage that.  That lifestyle really suited me for those several years I lived it, as it was almost precisely what I dreamt up for myself, and then manifested, as my ‘dream lifestyle’ back around 2005 when my first marriage dissolved (in a nice way, I should add).  But that dream has run its course, a new one has taken its place (also imagined, then manifested, starting around two years ago), and it is also unfolding even better than I had originally visualized.  I can’t wait to experience what the future brings, especially if it follows the same path as my last three ‘dreams-come-true’!  (Oh, yeah, I forgot that middle dream-come-true about the beautiful young second wife and my own magnificent child, didn’t I?  Or does that add two to the list, instead of one???). . . . .

P.S. – My experiences have humbled me.  We are, after all, One.  My trials, tribulations, and eventual successes have also proven to me, without a shadow of a doubt, that every single human being can make their personal dreams come true – IF they are willing to drop their preconceived notions of what is ‘possible’ (or not), open their minds and hearts to the reality of their true potential, do the deep research, put in the gut-wrenching internal work (cleansing, processing, maturing, releasing, transforming, evolving, etc.), enthusiastically and tenaciously apply – in every waking moment — the time-proven techniques of manifestation and, as both Winston Churchill and Steve Jobs fervently recommended, never give up.

‘Oh, is that all it takes, Mr. Soul Surfer???’

LOL!  It’s All Gooood, dude!!!

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