life and times . . . . a waverider's perspective

True Knowledge – logos, ‘knowing’ — can only be gained by direct experience.  Ageless Wisdom is earned exclusively via the accumulation, assimilation, and harmonious organization of True Knowledge.

= = = = = =

To better facilitate the full comprehension of the statements above, consider this riddle:  ‘One can study in the most prestigious universities in the world for decades and, upon ‘graduation’, end up having learned nothing of any real value.  Or worse.’ 

= = = = = =

To even better facilitate the assimilation of the above information, ponder the following:

There once was a fine student named Sparks

Who was praised for her brains and high marks

But when leaving the commode

In her designer silk robe

She often left signs on her arse




P.S. – FYI, I graduated from a famous university with a degree in science, and harbor no ill will towards either it or the system it represents.  LOTS of great things can be learned by studying courses offered at most universities.  However, actually paying an institution to train and condition you to fill a job for a large impersonal corporation whose legally sanctioned motto is ‘greed is good’ – well, that just doesn’t feel quite smoothly aligned with the basic tenets of Love and Life, now does it?  Regardless, no mainstream university, simply by its intrinsic nature (the fundamental relationships involved) — and in many cases despite truly sincere positive intentions — can impart the most important and valuable lessons about our life in this magical Universe. 

Comments on: "Food For Thought – Knowledge & Wisdom" (6)

  1. Great post Alexander! The poem had me in stitches! 😀
    Thanks for that.


    • You’re very welcome. Those Irish (part of my genetic heritage, btw) sure knew how to put a rhyming style together, didn’t they? I mean, how many centuries has the limerick persisted in facilitating wit and raucous laughter? Maybe those fearless, playful, scandalous Leprechans are to blame!


  2. Execellent post Alexander. Very insightful.


  3. Reblogged this on Hwaairfan's Blog and commented:
    Just look at our world leaders, that should give a clue of where prestigious universities have led us!


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