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E-BOOK — ‘On The Cusp of the Wave’

Good Day!!!  My e-book On The Cusp Of The Wave is a collection of the majority of my blog posts on this site since its creation through its final post ‘We Grew New Wings’ in 2015.  Due to the ENORMOUS amount of information this work contains, written during the lead-up to this Shift of the Ages we are NOW experiencing at full speed, this collection can serve as a sort of ‘reference guide’ for the Change Times that every living thing on and within Gaia’s surface is now passing through, with specific information and techniques for navigating this Transition Period more smoothly.

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The e-book includes not only my own personal musings on the events of this world, not just my deeply personal experiences of the radical internal changes taking place on Gaia (and Within as well, and even more importantly), but also various viewpoints and perspectives that I had come across and utilized to help calm the inevitable fears and doubts that crop up.  To that end there are several effective psychological techniques among the posts to help minimize and soothe the turbulent emotions that inevitably come up during the process of radical change.  My fondest hope is that it assists others, especially the newly awakened, to navigate these times with a bit more serenity and confidence and joy than they might otherwise have had without this information which, it’s important to note, was vetted and ‘proven’ through my own extremely dramatic life as a Lightwarrior and Wayshower (please see my brief general biography, included in the book, for more details about my personal journey).

To purchase this e-book, simply click on the book’s cover image above, which takes you to PayPal (please send your payment to, which is my official e-mail address for communications regarding this blog).  OR send the appropriate amount to that e-mail address with ‘e-book’ included the subject line/comments.  Either option works!  I am charging only US$2.99 for the e-book (in Adobe PDF format), though any additional donations are more than welcome!

Human with Chakras and beautiful blue-shade FOL behind

I’ve been living on a restricted budget for quite some time now — with 5 human bodies (including my two small children) to help keep sheltered and nourished in two households, and several non-humans to boot — so please take advantage of these offerings, these opportunities I have created to help YOU manifest your dreams via a mutually beneficial energy exchange utilizing the still-existing financial systems.  As you can read more about on my ‘Self-Empowerment/Realization Coaching & Intuitive Healing‘ page, I am now working as a Self-Realization Facilitator (Life/Ascension Coach) and Rainbow Energy Healer at very reasonable rates.  IF you are willing to do the Inner work, I’d be happy to assist you in becoming a Self-Realized master of your own life.  Please see my more detailed description of these services if you are interested, and allow me to help you to follow your own deepest intuition and highest excitement, and LIVE THE ECSTATIC DREAM!

Alexander Surfing March '15 Domi centered

May these dynamic and exciting Change Times bring you more joy and fun and abundance than you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing before!  Namaste, In La ‘Kesh, and Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaawww!!!!


(aka Alexander RA-Sol)

HUmans, nude, with candles, with FIRE-hair, back to back

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