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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Self-Empowerment/Realization Coaching & Intuitive Healing

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ARE YOU FEELING PUSHED IN THESE TIMES OF GREAT CHANGE? Would you like a warm hand on your shoulder offering heart-centered guidance and the confidence you’re going the right direction?  Tired of the incessant nagging voice in your head?  Tough, confusing times? Relationship challenges?  Confused on how to free yourself from the old system, and succeed as who you truly are?  Chronic issues that, no matter what you’ve tried (yoga, meditation, EST, psychotherapy, rolfing, DMT, bungee jumping, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca…), keep coming back to ‘haunt’ you?

Would you like to escape those repeated patterns forever I can help you accomplish the following:Butterfly Woman lifting off towards Light from Gaia

♦ Let go of ALL that Holds you Back

♦ Release sticky Anchors of the Past

♦ Move into Higher States of Vibrational BEing

♦ Learn the Secrets to Health, Fitness and Vitality

♦ Tap into REAL Inner Peace

♦ Access Your True Essence, a State of Perfect Bliss

♦ Develop Your Skill Set for Supernal Success

GET a dose of the ‘RaSOL Self-Mastery Program’ – the natural, holistic, fully sustainable and super effective ‘medicine’ for you!!!

One thing is absolutely unavoidable: You must make the passionate and irrevocable choice to free yourself . . . if, of course, you want to be truly free of the Old Matrix Deep Programming, overcome the subconscious conditioning that corralled our Spirit and squelched our creative juices, the Mass Mind Reality Shaping that mercilessly herded us towards the mediocrity of a nondescript, passionless wage-slave life…..

“The most important kind of freedom is to BE what you really ARE! You trade in your reality for a role.  You trade in your senses for an act. You give up your ability to FEEL, and in exchange put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a PERSONAL revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen Inside first.”            Jim Morrison of The Doors

IQ KK - Joy, Reality

This is my forté my friend, facilitating this ‘revolutionary’, magnificent self-empowering Shift to your Greater Potential Self!  Read below – If you are hungering for these qualities, my healing, coaching and guidance may just be the major support you’ve been seeking to help you springboard more rapidly and joyfully into your dynamic New Life!

DEEP HEALING Discovery, treatment, and dissolution of the energetic (root) causes of illness, chronic physical limitations, embedded past trauma, and general dis-ease.

SELF-EMPOWERMENT  — Stopping the mind chatter, taming the monkey-mind, taking back conscious control of your thoughts and emotions

INTERNAL PURGING & CLEANSING — Finding, uprooting and releasing suppressed fears and emotional triggers; exposing deeply buried subconscious programs and social conditioning

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION — Discovering, examining, analyzing, and deconstructing old behavior patterns and routines, dysfunctional patterns that keep you in a ‘rut’

RE-BOOTING — Deprogramming from the materialist, consumerist, automaton rat race Old Matrix lifestyle / RE-programming for True Holistic Sustainable Blisstatic success!

ECSTATIC EXPANSION — Peeling off the heavy layers of the old limited self; coaxing out the naturally joyful Inner Child and Creative Self; tapping into your own eternal Wellspring of emotional freedom and bliss: your own Eternal Essence

SELF-LOVE – Accepting, embracing, and loving your SELF – and opening up the floodgates to receive (accept) more love from others; learning to navigate the rapidly shifting landscapes and flows of modern ‘New Earth’ relationships; assimilating effective ways of creating a more harmonious, co-supportive flow with intimates ♥

SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT — Learning how to welcome, assimilate and operate from your expanding belief systems, in peaceful nonconformity with the frequently stifling background pressures of the more rigid and dogmatic systems of our past — and, of course, the powerful reactionary magnetics of your family and friends, co-workers, etc.

DREAM MANIFESTATION — Learn highly effective daily practices and disciplines to take back your Birthright:  your God-given Power of Creation! — and position yourself on the fast track to manifesting your dreams!

CONTACT ⇒ Schedule your Initial Consultation, where we both can determine whether (or not) we can work together to coax your Emerging New Self out of its cocoon, to gently but firmly unfold your New Wings in this expanding new world we are now co-creating for all of humanity.  For further assurance, please scroll down to the Testimonials section at the end to get a better feel for the quality of transformational assistance I can deliver.

(The $20 fee for your initial consultation (via Skype or phone call) includes both a digital copy of my e-book and a quick outline of at least one effective technique that you can use in your daily life for immediate improvement).

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

A little personal history . . . .   Starting way back in the 1980’s, I began learning, studying, and ‘field testing’ many different philosophies, theologies, self-help theories, and purely psychological approaches and styles, to consciously improve my human self, achieve inner peace, and reach a state of imperturbable bliss. The techniques were originally employed to learn to succeed at simply ‘surviving’ — and eventually thriving — under this crazy, hyper-controlled System we have slaved under for millennia.  In the mid-2000’s, after over a decade of disciplined Yogic Practice and Energy Work, I became a Reiki Practitioner, and later was attuned to the Reiki Master Energy by my second Reiki Master Teacher. I also had several other Energy Rays ‘come to me’ for use in my healing practice, resulting in my status as a ‘Rainbow’ Energy Healer (full-spectrum of Energy Frequencies/Colors). As an author and free-lance writer, I have enjoyed the opportunity to share some of these challenging adventures with others. To further that end of sharing, and to assist others on similar ‘unconventional’ life paths that are currently going through immense challenges in this rapidly changing world, I created this blog, published an e-book based on it, and in early 2014 began offering private healing therapy and counseling/coaching sessions to facilitate the experience of New Earth Bliss for those who are interested in finally living this magnificent ecstatic New HUman lifestyle for themselves.  I also have two dynamic Facebook pages, Ascending Community, and RA-SOL Healing Transformation, both of which feature frequent posts of images, articles, and inspiring quotes, and the additional input from over a thousand freely interacting spiritual people.

In 2013 I finally — and joyfully — reached a consistent, imperturbable state of Connection to SELF (nirvana, rapture, samadhi bliss, divine ecstasy, inner peace), and tried to describe it in the following blog posts:  Profound Inner Peace, Ineffable Bliss and Afterglow. Around that same time my pineal gland became fully ‘activated’, and I began to see into the Higher Realms (Fractal Light Realm, Collective Imagination, 6D, The Grid, The Shamanic Worlds, etc.). You can read the only brief post I’ve ever published on this subject in Reconstructing The Starship, where I embedded several links to an excellent documentary and several very instructive articles for further personal research and practice.  For those of you who wish to experience these things for yourself, helping others achieve these experiences has become my particular specialty and inspiration! Via providing conceptual intellectual foundations, teaching proven mental/emotional techniques and exercises, delivering custom-tailored guidance and coaching, suggesting powerful dietary and lifestyle changes, I have full confidence that you can quickly improve your overall life experience, and tap into the limitless potential of the New Cosmic Human Being!

IF you are willing to do the inner work, I’d be happy to assist you in becoming a Self-Realized master of your own life.  For those who choose this method of interaction, a Reiki Distance Healing is included FREE with your first full session.  I AM both honored and excited to help you to follow your heart’s desires, your ‘highest excitement’ (as Bashar always urges), and MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS!

In La ‘Kesh & Namaste



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= = = = = =

For those interested in where I originally gleaned my expertise in the areas of self-development and personal evolution, the following represents a partial list of spiritual and self-development/empowerment books I read (at least once) and studied, and whose various powerful concepts and techniques described in many of them for self-expansion and Self-Realization I have diligently (and successfully) practiced.  I’m sure most of you recognize at least a few of these titles: A Course In Miracles, Autobiography Of A Yogi, The Starseed Transmissions, Twin Souls & Soulmates, The Celestine Prophecy, Oneness (by Rasha), Conversations With God (Books I-III), ET 101 The Cosmic Instruction Manual, The Impersonal Life, The EFT Manual, Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Three Pillars of Zen, Happiness Is A Choice, The Secret, I AM THAT, The Seat of the Soul, Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, Bringing Out The Best In People, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Think And Grow Rich, Acres of Diamonds, Mutant Message Down Under, the Dune books, the Lord of the Rings books, and The Enlightened Mind.

* = = = = = = = = = *  = = = = = = = = = * = = = = = = = = = *


‘Having known Alexander for a number of years now, connecting long distance via Skype on a number of occasions and hosting him on a few radio shows, I’ve spent enough time in his energetic space to conclude there is just something about this guy that warrants a double take. I’ve spent many hours in the company of great healers, mystics, sages and various “spiritually advanced” types, but Alexander gives off a vibe unique to all past encounters. Alexander brings with him a sort of transcendent presence, lacking the capacity to fit into any proverbial “spiritual box”. An unwavering sense of expansive connectedness, sprinkled with a playful approach to the navigation of life’s seemingly complex terrain. No peak, valley, plane, or mountain do I see Alexander lacking the capacity to navigate, with a sort of effortless ease. As a fish takes to water, Alexander does to LIFE. His secret remains a mystery, but his willingness to share is an asset well worth exploring…in this realm and beyond.’

*Brian Kelly — Director, New Earth Havens

= = = = = = = = = = = =

‘I’ve known Alexander RA-Sol personally for several years now.  We have been talking regularly through Skype, and have had many long and stimulating conversations about current global events, personal and collective spiritual experiences, and life in general during these intense Change Times.  What I can vouch for is the honest and direct approach Alexander commits himself to.  He is a very honest and direct teacher who has the capacity to guide you through various levels of awareness and personal initiations.  Since he represents a truly multidimensional Being, he has all sorts of knowledge and experience in matters of the physical realms, as well as from a Galactic perspective, simply because he can ‘present’ many different faces which he consciously embodies. If you like an honest and direct approach — a like-it-or-not-this-is-the-way-it-IS style — from a straightforward and highly experienced guide, RA-Sol is definitely one heck of a warrior-teacher who ‘fears not’ and will take you firmly by the hand and guide you through ANY spiritual or psychological terrain you wish to traverse.’

*Méline Lafont — Energy Healer, Ascension Guide, and Spiritual Channel …

= = = = = = = = = = = =

‘I have met Alexander RA-Sol personally, and spent quality time with him in his adopted earthly home of Costa Rica. He is a modern Shaman and Ascension Guide, moreover a master of navigating the realms of multidimensionality. In this way he is able to confidently accompany seekers and newly awakened humans in their personal journey to embody more aspects of their Multidimensional and Higher Self. As the multidimensional realms outside are fully reflected inside a human being, Alexander serves as an Express Guide to assimilate new layers of Light and to balance one’s energy body through a multi-pronged, compassionate approach. As the setting in Costa Rica is very soothing, one’s being is open to receive the influx of higher and more refined energies and truly embody one’s Higher Self. The assimilation of these refined energies is facilitated by RA-Sol’s capacities as both a Reiki Master Practitioner and Multiple Light Ray Transmitter. His energy healing work catalyzes the rapid dissolution of obsolete patterns of negative emotional expression and DNA blockages. Of course he is also a veteran surfer and experienced surf instructor, and so is adept at the physical ‘riding of the waves’ as well. Thus both literally and metaphorically, Alexander helps people to navigate the ocean of life, and the oftentimes huge waves of energetic changes. His expert tutelage in the area of human internal processes – mental and emotional self-mastery — enables one to surf these waves of change more smoothly as a more self-empowered human being guided by one’s own Higher Self — and better enJOY the fabulous ride! In this way Alexander transmits his mastery of this world’s rapidly morphing realities in an equanimous and empowering manner that engenders a state of serenity and bliss….’

*Sixtina Friedrich — Classical Homeopath, Crystal Necklace Creator, Access Consciousness Practitioner …

= = = = = = = = = = =

‘Some folk’s bulbs burn brighter than others, Alexander is one such person for whom this is the case. I am going through an expansion of consciousness, and a broad discovery of SELF. This expansion is happening quite rapidly.   Alexander recognizes the sincerity of my walk and as a fellow being has shared many conversations with me regarding “who we are, and why we are here.” Alexander and I have true servant hearts. We have spoken about a great many benevolent humanitarian projects we would like to see occur for humanity. I am the Project Manager for NuEden, a humanitarian project that has far-reaching goals. Of those projects we have discussed, “our” hearts resonate with a great many of them. Alexander has been patient with me in my journey and we have become friends. He has integrity and I envision the two of us collaborating on multiple projects in the future.’

*Donald E. Hunt, Sr. — U.N. Swissindo-U.N. God Sky Earth Trust …, NuEden …

= = = = = = = = =

‘As a successful young man and champion competitive athlete, I had it all: Money, property, trophies, clients for my fitness training business, public recognition, excellent health, and hordes of beautiful women. But until I stumbled into Alexander RA-Sol via a land purchase I was seeking, I had not yet found any lasting inner peace, nor could successfully maintain any meaningful relationships. With his ‘tough love’ approach, and compassionate but highly challenging ‘Advanced Jedi Training’ inner-development program for fellow warriors like me who already had everything BUT peace and harmony in their lives, he helped me turn it all around. And it was hard. But VERY much worth it! RA-Sol opened me up to discover my REAL Self, and gave me clarity about who I really AM, who we ALL are at our Core – and who I am NOT (the ego-monkey-mind self). Through my hard core process of ego-taming and self-discovery, I also gained something I had never truly had before for my fellow humans: compassion! He was also instrumental in assisting me to achieve a much more balanced emotional stability, much greater inner calmness and relaxation. I shall always deeply appreciate his guidance and tutelage, and value it forever, as will my beautiful fiancé, with whom I would no longer be if it wasn’t for him and his wise advice to us. We actually ‘blame’ him for us getting engaged! He opened up a fantastic Gateway for us both.  I HIGHLY recommend his very effective personal counseling and coaching services.’

*Keven S., Body Builder, Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur, Builder  … Canada

= = = = = = = = =

‘In the several years that I have known Alexander RA-Sol, I can categorically say he is one of the most advanced Spiritual Leaders I know. His experiences and skill set, ranging from his lucid lifetimes in Dream Time to his mastery of shifting the Energy in meetings to a much higher level, are invaluable assets for any individual or group. I deeply appreciate his Higher Perspective insights, as his observations of my own experiences have given me many “AHA!” moments which have greatly boosted me in my growth and expansion as a person, and as a blooming Galactic Being! With Alexander get ready to SOAR!’

*WolfSeeker – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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  1. JTariah En RA EL said:

    I have had healing from Alexander Rasol . He is an amazingly gifted holistic healer, He offers many healing modes — including a therapeutic approach — as well as distance healing. Out of all of my healers that I have experienced, Alexander Rasol produces the fastest most heart-felt results. And, when Alexander Rasol heals me, I look and feel transformed, younger, and more passionate about life. I strongly recommend Alexander Rasol for any time of Karmic Clearing, Soul Retrieval, or Akashic Healing.

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  2. I met you in the surf on that scary left in little dominical. You said to me “once you realize we are just energy everthing changes” you gave me a copy of The Southern Costa Rica handbook and signed it. Can you please expand on your comment about energy?


    • Hmmmm…… All I will say here is “EVERYTHING Is Energy!” (see my blog post in which I mention that fact, For more information, you can either look at all the articles I’ve posted on my FB pages — ‘Alexander Rasol’, ‘Ascending Community’, and ‘RA SOL Healing Transformation’ — and/or message me there. I no longer answer general questions here in comments for people about ‘life’ or ‘reality’. However, I AM happy to do that for you as a Spiritual Life Coach, as your Guide and Mentor in your personal quest as a Seeker 🙂 You can also read through my blog, or get my e-book based on the blog (see that page, also linked in the upper right hand corner of the banner on this same page), where most of these types of questions are answered, and/or links provided to other bloggers and sites where that information may also be found. Lots of ways to get this info, just pick your preferred Path to your own expanded Self-Education and Wisdom 🙂


      • Thank you. I understand energy…but I was looking for a sign from your words to me…. if nothing came up, thats okay. thank you for you time brother.


  3. I received a Reiki healing session from RaSOL and I felt amazing after! It was my first time ever having Reiki done and I was really impressed with his services. Throughout the session, I could feel the energy from his palms being transferred into my body and it felt like this tingling sensation throughout my body. It was cool also because he was able to feel the energy coming from my chakras and gave me an “energy reading’ to let me know which chakras are blocked and why. After I felt energetically cleansed with a stronger realization on what I need to focus on to clear my blockages. Thanks RaSOL!


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