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Here is some timely information from a WordPress blog called TRANSITIONS, posted on Feb. 17th 2012 by Denise Lefay on  I re-post part of it here because of my VERY direct personal experience with these ‘symptoms’ — as well as the experiences of the last year or so of my very conservative wife – a deeply pragmatic and grounded Capricorn who does not like to think about, let alone discuss, the current Earth Changes and such (Despite her reluctant acknowledgment of ‘what’s going on’ because of her personal experiences of late, she’d still rather talk about what’s available for dinner, or when I’m going to fix the faucet, than breach what is to her the relatively unimportant subject of the grand evolution of humankind in this historical epoch!).  More comments after the excerpt . . . . .


With the start of January 2012, I began hearing constant ringing in my ears/head on top of the nearly constant head pains and pressures. I’ve gone within/without to investigate this 2012 inner ear ringing, plus the nearly constant head pains and pressures that move around my head, skull, jaws, temples, eyes, sinuses and sometimes down the back of my head into my neck. If I can’t access higher level knowledge I’m after in my usual ways then I’ll try other methods, like going out into space to see what I can perceive from that position. This is what I did the other day and was able to perceive a bit more about the current 2012 (the winter months before the 2012 Spring Equinox on March 19th) Galactic Center (GC) Energy Wave pulses and the symptoms they’re causing humans and Earth.

I saw that the Energy Wave pulses radiating from the GC are primary energies currently (hammering) transforming us, our entire bodies, heads, endocrine glandular system and connected chakra system, and is the cause of the ringing in the ears and pains and pressures in our heads. (The 2012 solar transmissions are major secondary energies pummeling us as well. And, the dramatically changing magnetic field around Earth is another symptom of the Ascension Process and end of the this Evolutionary Cycle as represented by the Mayan calendar that we’re being affected by also.) Based on what I’ve seen and perceived these GC Energy Wave pulses (or whatever scientific term you want or need to call them) impacting Earth and our bodies (and heads very much in these last years of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process) are what’s causing the inner ear ringing, the severe head pains and pressures, plus these “strange sounds” being heard globally in 2011 and 2012. Earth and humanity are increasingly being vibrationally rung like bells by these cosmic GC Energy Wave pulses, all the amplified solar energies, and the changing magnetic field.  All of these cosmic energy events and the ascension-related phenomenon and symptoms they produce are natural and necessary happenings at the end of each Evolutionary Cycle and push the transition out of one Evolutionary Cycle and into the next one.

(Copyright © 2012–2013 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link.

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I myself started hearing this ‘ringing’ in the ears – more like high-frequency ‘tones’ – starting at least two years ago, of varying intensities and duration.  At first, it was an occasional thing.  I’d hear a tone for a few hours, then it would go away, come back the next day or even a few days later.  Because of the cicadas that lived all around me, I attributed it to them sometimes – but after only a few incidents I scientifically eliminated that possibility.

Over the first year or so, it increased in frequency until I heard some kind of tone (they vary in frequency, like the highest notes of a musical scale) almost constantly.  Soon it became nothing more than ‘background noise’ in my life, as I just got used to it and really didn’t even hear it much unless it got really intense – which it did do once in a while.  It was never uncomfortable until late last year, when once it a while the ‘ringing’ would become so intense that it would affect my thinking.  Very distracting.  Fortunately, I had read and felt that it was not only benign, but both necessary and helpful to my continued evolution, so I didn’t do anything . . . . . unwise, like seek ‘medical help’, or freak out.  I was also able to explain things to my wife, who was (and is) affected MUCH more physically than I am (headaches, neck pain, etc.), and thereby prevent her from going batty.

If you or people you know are experiencing these slightly uncomfortable effects of our collective transition into a better world, relax.  Whatever you do, do not turn to pharmaceutical drugs to make these symptoms ‘go away’!  You will only exacerbate the situation, believe me.  A good supply of generic aspirin or ibuprofen is the strongest medicine I recommend (I’ve been forced to pop one every two months or so myself, when the pressure and intensity gets truly uncomfortable), or nice herbal teas of mint or chamomile or similar species with calming qualities, or maybe a puff or two of a natural, unprocessed product of the plant kingdom once in a while if you get really desperate (though that might even increase the ‘buzzing’, right?  LOL!).  Simple rest and deep meditation are my preferred remedies, and happen to be the most highly recommended ones by Those In Charge of this process.  By far the most pleasant form of getting some releif is a nice neck and shoulder massage by your partner (or anybody willing to do that for you), hands down!

In any case, relax in the knowledge that the odds are very, very good that you do not have a brain tumor, do not have an aneurism, are not developing a migraine, and do not have to spend gobs of cash on overpaid head specialists to try to figure out why that annoying buzz in your head just refuses to let up.  No worries!  It’ll only last a few more months anyway, and by that time a little ringing in your ears will be so ridiculously unimportant that you will laugh at even the thought of seeking a ‘cure’.  Actually, once you find out what all this discomfort is for, you might even get to like it . . . . .

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