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Once again I AM guided to publish a message from another fellow blogger due to its magnificent insight and powerful, pragmatic information.  This new message comes from Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff, ‘The Rainbow Scribe’.

This time, however, I feel it’s appropriate to add my own personal experiences and reflections, as the Great Transition/Transformation/Transmutation of HUmanity has begun in earnest, and ‘things’ have become very intense for most people, on ALL levels of life on Terra.  As I discussed ‘way back’ in 2013 (has it really been two years already?!) in my post ‘Food For Thought: The Pot IS Boiling!’, where I describe what was happening at that relatively mild stage of development in this Collective Ascension Process, things have gone from ‘dramatic’ to ‘explosive’.  And now the pot is not only boiling, but it is indeed boiling OVER!

Water Boiling in glass pot w colored vapor, jpg

What I mean is this:  Some of us, the Wayshowers/First Wavers/Ascension Pioneers/Vanguard Light Warriors — pick your label, they are all appropriate — have ‘made it’ over the top of the vibrational ‘mountain peak’, as described so beautifully in metaphor by Brenda Hoffman in her article of January 5th, “Rolling, Rolling, Rolling”.  Here is an excerpt to encourage you to go and partake of the entire message from Brenda, and those that followed this year, all of which are brilliant (and ‘accurate’ in an Energetic sense, at least in my personal experience and those of others I know):

“This transition is far beyond anything you imagined lifetimes ago or even before you entered earth in this lifetime. Your new world is about to explode in fun and joy for you have climbed your mountain. You have surfed the waves. You have completed every difficult task set before you including energy surges and software uploads.”

“…After you climb your mountain, you gently roll down the other side in childish glee – reclaiming those pieces of you forgotten in this lifetime. . . . This phase is not the arduous climb up craggy mountains filled with snow and wild creatures that frightened you in your need to reach the top. But instead, reclaiming joy and self-love as you gleefully role and skip down the rolling hills to your promised land below.

“There are some who continue to climb their mountain. That is fine and good, for this transition is in stages. But those of you (still) climbing your mountain need to know that those who went before left a bright path for you so you will complete that part of shedding old you in a much shorter time than was true for them.  Know that your mountain scout masters have become children waiting for you to play with them as they scamper down the gently rolling hills that is now their domain. Allow and encourage them to BE, for they are the ones who will allow you to BE when it is your turn to roll down the gentle hills covered in green grass and spring flowers.”

Human with Chakras and beautiful blue-shade FOL behind

– – – – – – – – –

As one tasked with ‘exemplifying’ how a New HUman BEing lives, breathes, and moves through their daily Earth life as one ‘climbs the mountain’ of the Ascension Process, displaying in public — without shame or fear — the raw and generally counter-culture (and definitely anti-Old Ways, anti-System, anti-Authoritarian-Control, PRO-Unity Consciousness, PRO-New Earth) . . . ‘personality changes’ and ‘energetics’ of each stage one reaches along The Path up The Mountain, I can state with absolute certainty many things — one of which is that The Process/Attitude/Perspective may be ‘simple’, but it ain’t easy!!  And I therefore have developed much more compassion for others than I had when I started this Process (Consciously) decades ago.  NOW I can also express how GLORIOUS and FUN and ECSTATIC it is to live on the ‘Other Side of that Process :-).

The message that follows personifies in human language what the New HUman (or ’21st Century Super-HUman’ as Cary Ellis describes us in her magnificent, well-researched seminal book) ‘looks like’ in terms of character, disposition, attitude, and general comportment in society.  Once we achieve a slightly larger percentage of those claiming and living this New Earth, New HUman reality — which by all indicators may be very soon! — we shall see a Transformation of this planet, and ALL those who live upon it, never before experienced in human — or HUman — history . . . . .  🙂


February 19, 2015
Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love that is known to the world as exemplification, which is defined as the setting of an example that is admirable to others. Exemplification is the outward manifestation of unerring and invariable conformity with divine will by those who value and adhere to what is good and true in their lives. They dedicate their lives to delving beneath the material surface of things, looking to God and divine intelligence to find the spiritual cause to explain the workings of the universe. By their exemplification of this precept, they accept no other direction, turning to the divine for guidance in all their human affairs. They embody excellence in character which naturally exemplifies goodness, honesty, self-control, and other divine qualities. By careful living and by embodying a character that is naturally moral, living their truth and adhering to divine law, they understand how to bring the power of the divine into every situation that presents itself. Their spiritual sense is exemplified in their spiritual knowing and doing and is the result of a practical understanding of how to experience a life of well being and spiritual fulfillment. 

When one brings to the world the understanding that the law of the divine is ever present and operative in human consciousness through seeking nothing for self, they ensure that every step they take is in line with divine will and purpose. They maintain the fact of humanity’s oneness with the divine, and do not lose sight of their own spiritual being. Through this exemplification, they take possession of their body, and govern its feeling and action. They rise in the strength of spirit to resist all that is unlike purity and goodness. They turn from their material way of thinking and embrace the divine ideal in simplicity which could bring true satisfaction, security, and peace. They embrace the divine power and the presence of it which they intelligently acknowledge and practically demonstrate. This knowledge is manifested in the everyday exemplification of their individual spiritual life as they set forth to demonstrate their ability to deal calmly, peacefully and confidently with the problems and responsibilities which beset human existence.

The law of divine intelligence is eternally preserving and maintaining the truth of being by bringing order and harmony, freedom and health to those whose thoughts are governed and controlled by it. It depends completely upon one’s recognition of and obedience to it. It is natural for a person to turn to the divine for guidance and instruction in spiritual truths in order to be its perfect exponent and demonstrator through the exemplification of its precepts. Through their willingness and ability to serve rather than their desire to be served, they exemplify selflessness, which is an essential quality of the spiritual person, thereby overcoming this false sense of self completely. By putting into practice exemplification of divine qualities in their every thought of themselves or their fellows, one gains strength physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually and is possessed of humility in abundant measure, as they recognize the divine as the only source of intelligence and power.

Another characteristic of the exemplary spiritual person is their habit of seeing and appreciating the purity and goodness in others around them. As perfect spiritual beings governed by the divine alone, there are many beautiful qualities of the divine latent in the life of every person. These qualities bring about a greater and higher capacity for active, joyous, vigorous and conscious acknowledgment of humanity’s power through its divine expression to become loving, caring, and compassionate in the world. These individuals begin to radiate love and this radiation becomes their spiritual practice. Their consciousness and love is turned outward to the world around them. This new focus is directed towards the divine in others and within nature. Their sense of worship, devotion and love is directed towards the world. The world and all that is in it becomes the object of reverence and love. Their exemplification of expressing a higher consciousness opens up to the beauty of life around them thereby opening to a keen spiritual and aesthetic appreciation of what they find in the world. They have a loving appreciation for the beauty that is found in the world, but it is without attachment or desire. It is simply a pure loving appreciation and reverence for all that is beautiful and good.

Their heart center becomes like a beacon or a sun, radiating love to the world. Their heart is open and radiant with love, as the expression and radiance of the divine and they become the exemplary and active agent of divinity, a harmonious turning within and without simultaneously. One is walking through the world with their senses wide open and their heart and mind is fully involved in the world, yet they are not becoming lost in the world, or lost in the chaos or complications and distractions of the world. One is always practicing to hold one’s own sense of inner balance and harmony with the outer world. This exemplification in practice involves active intention and an awakened consciousness that is filled only with divine presence. This ascension into higher consciousness comes about through the letting go and the willing surrender of one’s mental and emotional attachments.

In exemplification then, become like a sun and radiate the light of love to all of life that surrounds you. Make your own life more divine, and help make everything around you more divine. Radiate love, dear ones, and help bring out the love in everyone you meet.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

FINAL DAZE . . . .

Men Who Stare At Goats image

The Men Who Stare At Goats

Just last night for the first time, I watched the hilarious (and very . . . rousing) movie The Men Who Stare At GoatsFantastic!!  🙂  NOW in these Final Days of the Old Order, the collapse and replacement of the Ancient Dominant Control Paradigm (and those who created and maintained it), it is all becoming quite clear to the dumbed-down, information-blocked masses of ‘post-modern’ Western countries that all that we were raised to believe, to give our ‘loyalty’ to (and blind obedience) — the ‘moral principles’, and System, that we were programmed to believe we should be willing to actually die for! – was built on carefully disguised lies, and intricately woven deceptions. I’ve gone through the long list of these fabrications before, both here and on Facebook in the last several months. And MANY others have as well over the last few decades, some much more eloquently (and ‘nicely’) than I. So I won’t be kicking a dead horse here. Just suffice to say that THE GIG IS UP! And the old house of rotten cards is finally collapsing in upon its own duplicitous labyrinth of interwoven illusions. It’s gonna be quite the Show, that much I can guarantee! Make LOTS of popcorn, lol ….

Matrix Images - The Ones that WANT out will be freed

I end this brief essay with the final words of this brilliantly crafted movie — as those words could have been my own, as they are near-perfect for the exact ‘times’ we find ourselves experiencing. Actually, if you go back and carefully review my previous posts, you can see clearly that — in slightly different manners of expression, and with my own unique ‘twists’ of phraseology of course — they actually were. . . . : “If I ever needed proof of how the Dark Side had taken the beautiful dream of what a nation (world) COULD be, and had TWISTED it, DESTROYED it . . . well that was it! But I won’t stop. I won’t give up. Because when I look at what is happening in the world, I know that now, more than ever, we need to be ‘All that we can BE’!!  NOW, more than EVER, we need THE JEDI….”

‘The New Earth Army’. Wow . . . .   For more information on the REALITY of what this movie is about, Wikipedia did a nice write-up on the actual military group that the original story is based on (under the heading First Earth Battalion). Of course, watching the movie itself would be a much funner way to get ‘debriefed’ on this subject matter 😉 :

And I leave you with this magnificent audio-visual statement of how I SEE HUmanity moving forward into the future. OUR future. Our glorious, expanded, unlimited, unimaginably FUN future . . . . But only for those Aware enough to consciously choose it of course 😉 :

We are from the future……


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