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One Little Word . . .

. . . With so much Power behind it!

Matrix Images - NO

And it’s OUR Power, absolutely.  Claim it for yourself!  And your SELF . . . . .

I also choose this:  NO more compliance, NO more cooperation, NO more support, and NO more ‘obedience’ to the collapsing systems of enslavement that have wreaked havoc upon both us and our beautiful Gaia for way, way, way too long.  Join me and millions of others now, stand your ground resolutely, claim your sovereignty, all your True Value and Power, and choose again.  Please!  ‘Why?’, you may ask, ‘I’m not doing too badly. . . .’.  Because there is nothing more important, more loving, more giving, more self-empowering, or more sacred to DO, for yourself and for all of Humanity!  Besides, at least for me, continuing to live with blinders on in the delusional world of dumbed-and-medicated-down comfort zone ‘contentment’ is simply not an option.  How about for you?

On the flip side of this Cosmic Coin, I do enthusiastically cry out ‘YES! to FREEDOM and Love and Peace and Joy and Harmony and Universal Abundance!  Let’s just DO this, people!  NOW!  It’s about Time . . . . . .

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  1. Reblogged this on On the Cusp of the Wave and commented:

    Due to the current global ‘situation’, and the fact that things are SERIOUSLY coming to a head (finally!), I am re-posting this short — but very fundamental and pivotal — thought-form (from this past April). It IS ‘time’, my fellow humans, to refuse to ‘toe the line’, to stop supporting the Powers That Were, and to assertively speak out about what we do, and do NOT, want to collectively manifest in our rapidly transforming world. Thank you for helping to get us over this final hump, on our way to our co-creation of Heaven On Earth. . . .


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