life and times . . . . a waverider's perspective

Dinosaur, bird-like, big with feathers

Denial is a dinosaur now, thrashing wildly on the desert floor.  So is conspiracy ‘theory’, already deceased, the ravenous vultures of deeply disturbing, now-proven conspiracy fact devouring its diminishing carcass.  Soon, only the truth of our situation, and our authentic (suppressed) history, shall remain.  And the bitter, mournful howls of our formerly untouchable overlords will be deafening . . . . . until the beauty and bliss of silent wonder regains its rightful place in ascendancy, and we are emancipated to live as free, joyful, innocent beings once again!


Comments on: "UPDATE: Extinction — and Emergence" (3)

  1. I checked out of your posts and thoughts and ideas and I’m impressed. You put it all so succinctly. I will be monitoring your frequency with interest from now on. Namaste.


  2. Visionkeeper said:

    Great one WR…Loved the way you described the reality of the world today! Well done! I am all ears awaiting the mournful cries! Be well friend. Happy Monday….VK


    • Thanks, brah! Believe me, VK, they ARE already wailing! But their cries are only heard deep within their dark castles of despair — not for the ears of us ‘proles’ to detect! (Unless you have activated ‘etheric ears’, of course, lol). They only let the doublespeak manipulative stuff (propoganda) get out ‘for public consumption’, you know. But they’re gnashing their teeth big time these days, no doubt!


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