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Lies You Can Believe In

Ran across this blog post yesterday, about the Spanish prime minister (Mariano Rajoy) backpedaling on his campaign promises in the face of pressure from the Eurocrats and banksters (though at least he fessed up to it).  I thought that this financial blogger’s definition of ‘politics’ was pretty funny — in a black humor kind of way:

Lies You Can Believe In

. . . . . All the electable fools would have done the same stupid thing: raise taxes, bailout bondholders, and punish taxpayers to stay with the euro.

People voted for Rajoy for the same reason people voted for Obama. Both told lies that everyone wanted to believe.

There are exceptions like Ron Paul, but essentially that’s what politics is primarily all about – feeding people lies they want to believe in – just to get elected.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Please see the rest of this post here if his comments pique your interest.  He has a very ‘realistic’ (raw, UNsugar-coated) perspective on all the financial mayhem going on in the world, kind of like Europe’s version of Matt Tabibi (of Rolling Stone magazine).

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