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Get On With The Fascination!

So . . . . Here we are at the Crossroads of Humanity, standing with one foot in the Old World, and one foot in the NEW!  Well, not really ‘new’ in the proper sense — Limitless Love and Abundance has always existed, of course, being the Eternal State of Creation — but definitely ‘new’ to the vast majority of the human population of Gaia at this moment in space-time.

On FaceBook this morning (Friday Sept. 20) I saw that a friend had posted The Oracle Report.  I was urged to look at this one (most I don’t, to be honest, as daily astrology reports were never my thing – my apologies, Bill ;-)) — and am VERY glad I did!  At the end of the report, it set as today’s theme song ‘Limelight’ by one of my favorite old rock bands, Rush.  Happens to be that this song was always one of my favorites by them, often sending chills down my spine even back in my late teens (for some then-unfathomable reason).  Awesome!  Anyway, I went and listened to it again, the first time in ages, and the lyrics really blew me away as I clearly recognized for the first time that I HAVE BEEN LIVING THEM FOR YEARS! — but never truly comprehended the depth of meaning that these simple but profound lyrics represented, how they actually describe the most fundamental essence of our physical lives here on Gaia, in the Illusion of Maya, on the Grand Stage of the Cosmic Theater that Shakespeare alluded to long ago, in our ‘gilded cage’ of Western materialistic lifestyles.

RUSH - Moving Pictures

So HERE you can listen to the song and read all the mystical, magical, metaphysical lyrics.  But more importantly, I urge you all to really, truly open your Selves up to the radical changes that are NOW beginning to make themselves manifest in our shared collective reality matrix, accept the flood of PUL (Pure Unconditional Love) that is bombarding our home away from Home more than any other time in human history, and ‘get on with the fascination’ of seeing beyond the gilded cage of what we were trained and programmed and coerced into believing was the sum total of ‘life on planet Earth’ for soooooo long.  I pray you enjoy the Magic Carpet Ride that is commencing ‘here’ and NOW on lovely Gaia Sophia, and accept my heart-felt invitation to come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me . . . . . (how many of you other ‘golden indigos’ recognize that classic line I wonder, lol).

For those who might like more of a personal description/interpretation of this work of lyrical art, I’ve printed the full lyrics below and briefly offer my own perspective for you to ponder, or enjoy — or both!  I’ve mentioned bits and pieces of these concepts and experiences in my blogs of the past two years, such as my seeing ‘beyond the gilded cage’ into the lands that my activated pineal gland (natural DMT secretions) has made abundantly available to me (and in extreme sensorial intensity of late).  In any case, EnJOY these last days of Life in the Lower Realms, as the thick, heavy curtains of the Theater of Deep Illusion are indeed being drawn back together here at the very End of The Game . . . . so that we can start an entirely new theater, with a whole new set of truly ‘stellar’ acts, based on our True Reality in the Higher Realms!

5D Mansions

Living on a lighted stage
Approaches the unreal
For those who think and feel
In touch with some reality
Beyond the gilded cage.

Yes it DOES!  My ability to ‘stay grounded’, even as a teenager once in a while, has been pushed to its limits in this life of extreme limitation.  But, until I really started waking up, I never fully comprehended that the ‘unreal’ was actually the world I was taught to believe was the only ‘real’ one!  Almost everything we have been taught is truly upside-down and backwards – as all of humanity shall soon discover for themselves.

Cast in this unlikely role,
Ill-equipped to act,
With insufficient tact,
One must put up barriers
To keep oneself intact.

I came into this world at least partially awake – but definitely ill-equipped to handle the lies, the deception, the stress, the denial . . . the Illusion and Fear.  Tact?  LOL!  Never had any, never saw any reason to either!  Suffered immensely for it, too . . .  Barriers were absolutely necessary, ‘bricks in the wall’ as PF put it, in order for me to keep my sanity in this insane world.

Living in the Limelight,
The universal dream
For those who wish to seem.

The Universal Dream, the Illusion of Maya, for those who wish to ‘seem’ . . . .  For those who wish to ‘play a role’, to ‘act out’, to not be what they Truly Are for a while.  Quite an insight, and unique turn of phrase . . ..

Those who wish to be
Must put aside the alienation,
Get on with the fascination,
The real relation,
The underlying theme.

Those who wish to be REAL must take the bold step of putting aside the inevitable alienation and rejection of their peers (and human families as well in most cases), and choose bravely to strike out in the direction of their Greatest Joy towards the Fascination of the Higher Path, the ‘Real Relation’ that we have to All That Is!  (See A Course In Miracles, or at least Marianne Williamson’s writings — if you dare — for more on that perspective).  The Underlying Theme being Us as Spirit – Sparks of Divinity exploring Creation — in the playground of the material realms.

Living in a fisheye lens,
Caught in the camera eye.
I have no heart to lie,
I can’t pretend a stranger
Is a long-awaited friend.

Ah, constantly under heavy examination by society, with disapproving focus aimed at us if we ‘get out of line’. . . .  I could never lie myself (really), not verbally nor energetically, and so could not pretend to be cordial or polite or submissive to people who I felt were definitely not that.  Again, like other aspects of my refusal to ‘play the game like they wanted me to’, this got me into a lot of trouble throughout my life – but also saved me from a few potentially tragic situations.  I’m more than content with my determination to stick to my rigid ethical code.

All the world’s indeed a stage,
And we are merely players,
Performers and portrayers,
Each another’s audience
Outside the gilded cage.

Go Shakespeare!!!  What a perspicacious, absolutely brilliant mind (and heart) . . . .  And Rush, seeing the truth of Us as Souls actually always ‘outside the gilded cage’ in our True Reality, observing each other – and our physical personality-selves – playing out our chosen parts in this Grand Theater of the Absurd, now quickly exploding into the Ecstatic Sublime . . . . .

Atlantean-Classic Monument on island in space w ship

Heaven's Gate 1, open arches in the clouds

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