life and times . . . . a waverider's perspective

On this grand Solstice Day of 2014, I feel that this post of mine is PARTICULARLY appropriate to share again. And for those of my blog followers that may be wondering why I am not blogging so much anymore, it is a) for the reasons I delineated in earlier posts of this year (as in Don’t Look Back’), and b) I have moved most of my ‘activity’ to the global communications portal called Facebook, under my more well-known name Alexander Del Sol. Feel free to ‘friend’ me there if you’d like to see my daily re-posts, updates, and comments about the NOW events unfolding in our shared world 🙂

On the Cusp of the Wave

So . . . . Here we are at the Crossroads of Humanity, standing with one foot in the Old World, and one foot in the NEW!  Well, not really ‘new’ in the proper sense — Limitless Love and Abundance has always existed, of course, being the Eternal State of Creation — but definitely ‘new’ to the vast majority of the human population of Gaia at this moment in space-time.

On FaceBook this morning (Friday Sept. 20) I saw that a friend had posted The Oracle Report.  I was urged to look at this one (most I don’t, to be honest, as daily astrology reports were never my thing – my apologies, Bill ;-)) — and am VERY glad I did!  At the end of the report, it set as today’s theme song ‘Limelight’ by one of my favorite old rock bands, Rush.  Happens to be that this…

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