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HAPPY RESURRECTION, AND DAY OF FERTILITY/SPRING/RE-BIRTH/ISIS/ETC!!! I’m re-posting this same offering of mine from two years ago today, for it appears — and FEELS — that what I wrote ‘way’ back then (seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?) is actually much, much more . . . ‘relevant’ THIS fine year of radical change and evolution, than it was in 2012, at least for a FAR larger number of people living on the planet today. Is that the case in your reality? How do YOU feel about that?? In any case — and in every case — I hope you in-JOY this new grand day of adventure on the magnificently, quickly transforming and transmuting planetary system we call Gaia 🙂 . . . . .

On the Cusp of the Wave

Today is the day Christians all over the world celebrate the ‘rising’ of Jesus the Christ from his apparent death at the hands of the Romans, via the conscious choice of the Jewish population at that time and in that place, who communicated their preference that Pontius Pilate release Barabbas from prison and condemn Jesus to death, rather the planned opposite (which is why Pilate ‘washed his hands’ of the whole deal).  And so it was.

He promised to return.  S/He hasThe Christ Is Risen, folks!  The Resurrection of the Spirit of Christ has indeed happened, again, and is surging forward at break-ego speed throughout the planet!  But not quite in the manner that traditional Christianity has always tried to portray the Second Coming as manifesting, of course.  THIS time, the Christ that we Are all a part of — often referred to as the Christ Consciousness

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