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When are more people going to FEEL it?  When are more of you going to choose to live IN it (as I do now)???

For those who are not familiar with the proper (formal dictionary, non-Christian) definition of the term, I give it to you here (though the actual experience of it you must accomplish for yourself!):

rap·ture  n.

1. The state of being transported by a lofty emotion; ecstasy.
2. An expression of ecstatic feeling. Often used in the plural.
I pray you all choose to join me in LIVING this fantastic sensation, and adventure, very soon 🙂

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  1. I think many of us do feel it, though we may bounce in and out of it due to having to deal with the mundane world. I certainly do feel a difference much of the time, especially when alone or when spending time in nature, despite living in the cold Northeast. I for one am not concerned with who is awakening, or how quickly, nor do I assume I am the only one feeling bliss. I believe that a mass awakening IS in process, though not necessarily outwardly apparent. The more I focus on my own bliss and clarity, the more I seem to connect to like-minded souls, and the more synchronicity shows up.

    Maybe is is WE who are late for the party! 🙂 But everyone is invited, so rest assured, all will attend at some point in the future, when and if they so choose.

    In Lakech,

    Phoenix, Red Lunar Serpent


    • VERY glad to read that you ARE feeling some Bliss! I KNOW that many thousands, maybe even millions now, are also feeling it, at least like you have been, in ‘spurts’, and usually when both the body and mind are quiet and open.
      Humanity is at this moment on a ‘hair trigger’ with all this purging and processing going on amongst the masses — mostly subconsciously of course. We are indeed at the Final Threshold of New Earth, and MASSIVE changes are in the pipeline for the entire world, and shall very soon start to be ‘rolled out’. Let’s hope not too many get ‘rolled over’ as this unfolds across the planet, eh? 🙂


  2. Hi Alex! Happy New Year!
    Because you find yourself, again, in the midst of another War, Alexander. The Big One you once saw coming a long long Time ago. You are looking down from a hilltop , like Arjuna, and witnessing the War going on below. Look at what is happening to the people. People are being bombarded from all directions by Dark sources, into the emotional realms of fear, doubt, confusion, despair, loss, and destruction. Destruction of previously held beliefs, economic, and political, social, and religious structures, ect, and people are shielding their hearts . They are afraid and confused. This interferes with their Awakening. Just as the Kundilini must rise in us individually, the Kundilini NOW must rise in Humanity, not be blocked there in the heart by negative emotions. We were warned long ago, “not to harden our hearts” during these Times, by Jesus, thank you, and when the kundilini flow of chi gets lodged in the heart, it becomes cold, nonresponsive, and non-receptive. So be patient. And have no fear, each individual will have the necessary stimulation to open and Rise. It’s all Process. Process takes time. When their process is completed, they will be able to open the hearts to receive the spiritual gifts that are also being offered. Then, their time of choice will be, to give in to the Darkness or bow to the Light. Except, as Old Warriors know, that line was drawn a long time ago, and that choice is already made….but, until Realization can occur , it’s a Process. Process takes time. And there’s lots of Time.
    Perhaps we need to marshal our forces in the Direction of leading the troops through their Process?

    Your faithful general,


    • My ‘Forces’ have been ‘marshalled’ for quite some time now, Lulu, and have been made fully available to the ‘troops’. It is not my role to ‘push’ others to avail themselves of this proffered assistance, however. THEY must be the pro-active party in their own personal evolution ;-).
      As you wisely state here, the CHOICE of whether to engage the Internal Battle to purge one’s demons completely (which it is — the ‘negative forces’ are now ALL internal, from each individual’s own psyche, from this lifetime and all their others) — and finally, for Go(o)d — is for each individual soul to make. Now.
      I conquered, or ‘tamed’, all fear long ago — which is why I am not having to go through this Final Purge with the rest of humanity, and why I have claimed those ‘spiritual gifts’ you mention (which is what this post was about, right?). And Yes, these ‘rewards’ for going through the Process consciously to the end are available to ALL, and ARE enjoyed by ALL — at some point in space-time in the Matrix Illusion — past, present or future! 🙂


  3. We get to choose the way we direct our feet…..


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