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In The Garden

In the rich, fertile Garden

      of Limitless AbundanceFlowers in my garden, stream, plants

                    That IS my Soul


FLOWERS in my garden, Oct '13 (1)   The Flowers of Joy

are in

                      Perpetual Bloom . . . .

FLOWERS in my garden, Oct '13 (9)

FLOWERS in my garden, Oct '13, violet

FLOWERS in my garden, Oct '13 (3)


Comments on: "In The Garden" (5)

  1. Yes, the professor has been uplifted for the thoughts and bright photos. Thanks for sharing such joy!


    • You’re VERY welcome, happy to read this!

      Those ‘bright photos’ you like are actually from my own physical garden at my house, all but one taken today, a special photo session specifically for this post. The ‘glow’ around the flowers is NOT an effect I created, nor some kind of artifact. I enhanced the images only very slightly (a touch of contrast and saturation). I’ve never seen that glow before specifically around only one item in the photo, nothing like it. Amazing times we are living in now, eh? 🙂


  2. Beautiful…..much gratitude! ♥


  3. Sweet!


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