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Among those who are ‘on the spiritual path’, there has been a tremendous amount of drama and passion and discussion regarding the subject of ‘twin flames’ (also often called soulmates, or divine complements).  Recently, I have had my own very intense, melodramatic experience regarding this . . . . ‘issue’, I suppose one might term it, so am no stranger to all the ultra-deep, convoluted, heart-soaring and heart-wrenching emotional turmoil that accompanies it.  I can relate, very easily so, to those who get ‘hung up’ on this explosive issue, and all the myriad little side issues (like marriage, children, affairs, social networks, religion, family, etc., etc.) that go along with it.

ImageFor me, though, even during my most confused and intense and ecstatic and blissful and bizarre experiences with two women who are ‘twin flames’ of a major ‘soul aspect’ of mine in the flesh (we can actually have several) , I never allowed myself to forget something pivotal, and critical, that I learned – or at least learned of — early on in my personal spiritual awakening:  WE ARE ALL ONE!  Right?  This is something soooooo many ‘spiritual’ people are very resistant about fully embracing — that is, until after they find their supposed twin flame, of course!  Many who are focused on finding their twin flame are happy to take up the cause and energy and beauty of our true Oneness — once they finally find and merge with (on one plane or another) their ‘other half’, or ‘one true love’, or ‘divine complement’, or whatever other label one wants to place on that ‘one special person’ (see A Course In Miracles for info on ‘special relationships’).  Of course, I have to say that there are many, many, many fellow Lightworkers who DO manage to express their Higher Selves, and Oneness, and PUL (Pure Unconditional Love) with all of humanity and Nature, without having a current intimate relationship, or having found their divine complement.  And I salute them for what I consider such a grand and noble accomplishment, and express my deep gratitude for their priceless contributions.


I should also note here that I do understand the mechanics of the twin flame ‘structure’, for lack of a better word — I’ve experienced it unto the foundations of my very Soul – and am fully on board with the concept.  The ‘reality’ of the idea is not the issue here – it’s the limiting aspects, the ‘distraction’ it creates, and the very lower-D emotions it calls heavily into play, that can really mess things up, pull us away from our Highest Priority:  the ‘narrow path’ to SELF-Realization, our merging with All That Is (which, by definition, includes your twin flame, of course – and everyone else’s!).  The ‘twin flame experience’, you see, is just a relatively small dose of what THAT promises to be . . . .

As St. Germain points out so eloquently in the following quotes (Twin Souls & Soulmates, Triad Publishers Pty. Ltd., 1994), WE ARE ALL ONE IN REALITY!  Therefore, we are all technically ‘twin flames’!  My fondest hope is that we can all transcend and release our collective fascination with this, one of the final booby traps that the wily old ego lays for us spiritual warriors at the end of our long journey through duality, as we finally find ourselves at the threshold of Cosmic Consciousness, reaching slowly for the door handle that, once turned, opens magnificently to the entire multi-dimensional Universe, laid out before us like an endless feast of blissfully ecstatic exploration, on into the Infinity that We ARE . . . . .

‘Your twin flame is the identical vibration of the vibration you emit in your personality-self in Imagethis your now moment.  As you become the Christus, you take on all the other frequencies of the original thirteen bodies of soul essence energy. They come unto you and the different frequencies together culminate in ONE.  In this manner, there is more than one frequency abiding within you.  In this manner, there is more than one frequency that would be an identical twin flame, and they are really all One Twin Flame, as the One comprises ALL; very much like the cells of your body, they form tissues and organs, bundles of like frequencies – the twin flames – but they are all part of the one body . . . . It is all very simple.  You are God.  What else is there???  You are the ones who complicate it into soulmates and twin flames and the like!’

 ‘When you dispense with the idea of soulmate as ‘an entity who will bring you happiness’, and understand soulmate as the rest of humanity, then the entity, the soulmate, who will allow the experience of happiness, will appear. It is a dichotomy, a grand paradox of life, but this is how it works in your reality.’

 Happy merging into Ecstatic Oneness, my fellow mates of Soul and Divine Body. . . . .


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  1. Thank you Alexander for sharing your experience of this hot topic. We indeed are all ONE! Since I have grasped this concept for a number of years now, actually it was the concept of the Twin Flame that had me a little confused. Thankfully now I see where the concept “fits in” if one chooses to play that game. Love and Light to All Parts of Me out “There”. Actually in “Here” is more appropriate but I may already be putting out a confusing post 🙂


  2. Boruasathya said:

    We are all one. So is everyone my husband? Does this give me a liscence to have an intimate physical and emotional relationship withtwin every man I am attracted to? Wow I like this kind of thinking, it’s like the 60s woostock, free love with everyone!


    • Thank you for your comment, Boruasathya. I appreciate the way your ego-mind has taken this information, as it is a very common . . . . misperception/misinterpretation of this kind of material. But it is obvious that you make the classic mistake of confusing Love — especially what I clearly state as Unconditional Love, which is wholly impersonal in nature — with romantic love, or even sex, which is definitely very personal and person(ality)-specific. So NO, the two attitudes or perspectives (‘free love’, meaning sexual promiscuity; and Universal Unconditional Love, which can be applied to your siblings, your parents, your friends, your neighbors, your children and even your ‘enemies’ equally) are not even remotely the same. But YES, your husband IS a hologramic or microcosmic Aspect of Oneness — just like you and I are as well!
      The so-called twin flame experience is wonderful, and can by utilized to open up one’s heart more fully . . . . . so that one can then share PUL (Pure Unconditional Love) with ALL of your fellow Aspects of Oneness, including the animal, plant and even mineral kingdoms! This obv has NOTHING to do with sex, nothing at all. Sex, and the very distorted ‘romantic love’ that is inextricably tied to it in most people’s minds, only exists in the lower physical dimensions, of course. In the higher dimensions (5th and above) where we are now rapidly headed, where physicality is somewhat ‘optional’, and ‘time’ as we know it does not exist (or any limitations really), Love is known to be ALL THERE IS — and ALL THAT EVER WAS.
      I hope this clarifies things for you.


  3. tazjima said:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Oh, I so needed to read this…


  4. And „when nobody meets nobody… what’s going on ….? – NOTHING!!!! “Mooji
    Love is the answer. Always. Everywhere.
    And, when you find yourself and other easily found you!
    And to being with someone like a act of pleasure, abundance, not like a act of need.
    And, we are all just a mirrors – what we radiate, it come back as a echo to us. It attract just perfect compatibile partner for spiritual growth. For the lessons. The first lesson is how to love myself. How to BE and love My-self like a whole BE-ing. (Masculine and feminine principle together…jin&jang)….
    Love grows by expanding, more you give the more you get!
    And…to many ands….Love and peace, and, of course, consciousness to all of you!


  5. Wonderfully explained.
    I will be a “coward” and use your post (your words) to share this further 🙂
    This notion of twin soul is terribly dis-empowering. And has a kaboom potential for drama.

    Why, as spiritual people, can’t we accept relationships as they are, without the need to MAGNIFY them via some super notion.
    Doesn’t it make sense that, armed with our expanding awakening, we would tend to relate with people that are like-minded and have similar paths ?

    Much gratitude for openly sharing on a personal level !


    • Thank you, Brianna, for your nice comments, and re-blogging this. 🙂

      To answer your question, this concept of twin flames, soul mates, etc. is utilized by our EGOs to distract us from the Reality of our ONENESS (and Unity Consciousness). When a human being wakes up to the degree that s/he starts to think in these terms (twin flames, soul mate, universal unconditional love, etc.), it’s like huge red flags going up for the ego-mind that it is losing CONTROL over the person, getting kicked out of the driver’s seat, about to get re-relegated to the only task they were originally intended to perform: be a VEHICLE for Soul/Spirit to play in these lower realms — NOT the driver too! Ergo, they (our egos) try to suck us into the soap opera of ‘special’ relationships (see A Course In Miracles — Jesus — for that discussion), get you to SEPARATE other humans into ‘soul mate/family’ and ‘not soul mate/family’, you see. Oneness is just the opposite, just what it appears to be — NO SEPARATION IN REALITY. Simple, really. 🙂


      • 🙂
        After reading this, words did flow, so I ended up writing a small piece on that myself 😀
        Here is :
        “… So, old souls crossing our lives, yes. Feeling of re-creating a “SoulFamily”, as here, YES. To support each other, share YES. It’s a miraculous and wonderful thing.
        What I don’t get is why do we always (think that) we want more? More love, more everything. With each expanding breath that we take, we are a step closer to reconnecting with Oneness, which is the infinite Source of all emcompassing LOVE. So why put so much energy into imagining some kind of perfect “relationship” (twin flame) with.. ah who would that be? aha, ourselves actually (given definition of twin : half of yourself !!!) We already have it, daily.. 🙂 And, uf, it is a struggle sometimes As we learn let go of dramas, of our egos, fears … you know the drill, we’re all in it !
        So, why don’t we let the pressure OUT of all this, and just (for those who wish one) allow yourselves to ease into a caring and respectful relationship. By all means, with all the growth being done, I doubt anyone would even consider engaging with someone not on the same path. The rest should be sweet and non-drama filled.
        Thanks you (edited for privacy), because you brought me to realize I am beyond feeling love for just one person. I understand the possibility of sharing path with someone, and growing together.
        But now I know I cannot “devote” myself to a “relationship” as expectations still run sometimes high in regards of how this “love” should be expressed. Actually I find the word „relationship” very restricting, and full of expectations/obligations.
        What some still consider “romance” is something I might do for any of us (think little gestures, not physical involvement, good God 😀 ). A biiigie hug, a loving embrace, a gift, a flower, leaving everything to spend special time when needed … these are things I would do for every person I care for. Things I actually DO for people I care for.

        I truly hope this post is not offensive to anyone. Looking for Love in each other is ingrained in our human nature. A part of thousands of years of „looking for the other half of ourselves” and feeling loneliness and longing when not finding it. Feeling elated, then frustrated. Sounds familiar ? 
        We are now more and more aware of the fact that this „longing” was just from the lost connection with God, (Creator, Source) and therefore also with ourselves.
        What is happening now, with these new and strong energies beaming on us is the reconnection of Feminine/Masculine energy whithin everyone. The balance.
        And hence I present you to your other half 🙂 Yourselves.
        The perfect merger of balanced and combined energies.
        With much MUCH Love, and zillion of Bubbles of Joy


      • ‘We are now more and more aware of the fact that this ‘longing” was just from the lost connection with God, (Creator, Source) and therefore also with our Selves.’ — that’s IT in a nutshell, Brianna, summed it up very nicely there! Well done!


  6. Dear Waverider..I love your article and agree 🙂 We are all one 🙂 I have been told my Twin Flame or one of them LOL is behind the veil and is one of my guides. I also found the below article recently which probably confuses even more LOL. Has anyone read or resonate with this article? I believe all the labels, twin souls/twin mates/twin flames are all our Soul group….

    Susan (Kiwi Girl)


    • Hi, Susan Kiwi Girl! Thanks for your thoughtful, and thought-provoking, comment. I skimmed the article, and can’t find anything that I personally object to. However, the point of what I wrote was to DE-emphasize the ‘splitting of hairs’ over definitions of ‘what is what, and who is who’ — which is simply an exercise of the ego-intellect, and tends to promote SEPARATION, versus UNITY Consciousness. Even the article you put a link to says ‘We Are All One’. THIS is the primary point, you see, and really ALL THAT MATTERS. Everything else is just . . . basically irrelevant detail. 🙂


  7. Yes, absolutely. We are all important notes on the Symphony of LOVE 🙂

    Kiwi Girl xo


  8. 4 Weeks ago my wife came to me and said she met her “soul mate” and Twin Flame.
    She works with this man and they had an emotional and eventually a physical affair for 5 months. We have been married for almost 6 years and have a two kids 3 and 1 1/2.
    The other man “OM”, told his wife the next day and has since shut her out.
    She truely belives that their connection was “divine” and he and her are one and apart of her. The OM says he no longer feels that way and wants his family back. She is now reading, watching, googling everything about twin souls, soulmates, reads Brian Weiss. I am really trying hard to beleive that this is a fantasy but she has not changed her stance on how she feels. I told her that I will not be second in her heart so we are separating.
    I would be willing to work on things but she has those feelings.
    , is there anything I can do and is there any possibility of her “snapping” out of this.


    • Thanks for your very courageous comments and sincerity, Chris. I AM what is called these days a ‘life coach’ or ‘ascension guide’. One of my ‘twin flames’, the one who flew here to be with me, left her husband — and I left my wife. HOWEVER, we were both leaving them anyway, it was just a matter of timing. So I have direct experience in matters such as these, and have seen all sides of it. I’m sure I can help you (and your wife, too, is she’s willing). Just remember this very important points: a) True Love is FOREVER, Eternal (though linear time is actually an illsuion — which supports this statement anyway); and b) Relationships, in linear time, ALL form for very good, soul-healthy reasons– no ‘accidents’, no ‘mistakes’, no ‘failures’ (that’s pure ego-cultural judgment) — but that does NOT mean that they are meant to last what we call ‘a lifetime’.

      Write me via e-mail if you’d like my help. I can give you a couple of references if you like. 😉


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