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The Final Catharsis

I read this the other day (see below), and thought that this information might be valuable to many of you out there, especially those struggling with disruptive, unsettling, annoying ‘issues’ that just seem to refuse to go away already.  It comes from a source that has been, in my personal life experience, a most accurate and appropriate NOW information confirmation/source for me during my own evolution through these times, for the greater part of a year now:

‘. . .The light is merciful indeed, but also merciless, for it leaves nothing to the imagination any more, and you are forced to take everything up for review as you know you must. For you cannot continue on this journey with your eyes and your heart closed to this truth, and even if may be painful in some aspects, it is also the final catharsis that will effectively cauterize any last vestiges of old suppurating wounds, and leave you all to finally heal and become whole again.’

School’s Out!

SCHOOL - What it teaches

‘. . . . School’s out (the Old Earth school), as you have already more than delivered what was acquired of you in the last grade, but now, we invite you to enter this New School, where the Light will instruct you and Love will be your guiding light . . ..’  –– Aisha North, from The Manuscript of Survival – part 295

* * * * * * * * * * * *

For myself, I spent close to two decades consciously engaging this agonizing process (gut-wrenching inner excavation and toil it is!), and so have the great fortune of not experiencing, at this ‘late date’, very much of the pain, confusion, strife, and conflict that all this ‘old emotional trauma’ is churning up for all of us to become fully aware of, so we can get it all healed and transmuted.  However, I DO often see it, and sometimes feel it, in many people around me – as well as during the occasional bouts of ‘spring cleaning’ still needed for my own deeply-wounded psyche, of course.

But it matters not where I am ‘at’ in this process, only where you find yourself in this moment, right?  What I can definitely speak to is this:  It is well worth the effort!  Actually, the only ‘effort’ truly required from all of us in these highly-energized times is to see the ‘old baggage’ for what it really is; acknowledge it, feel it, bless it for how it served us in the past, helped us to survive in this lower-dimensional matrix we were dominated by for so long; then just let it dissolve back into the nothingness from whence it originally came, and let it GO!  Forever.  And then dear friends, with all that obfuscating, sticky detritus and ‘egoo’ cleared away from our powerful internal sensors, we can fully see, recognize, claim — and (ideally) begin to live — our True Magnificent Essence!

Its time to let go - nude woman with arms raised, spacy

Light Being, Resplendent Geometric


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  1. The final words of this post are liberating. A lot of thoughts to ponder and digest. Thank you for sharing this.


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