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In ESSENCE . . . .

In ESSENCE . . . .


There IS only One Core Truth

There IS only One Core Reality

There IS only One Core Essence:



Brethren, We Are That ONE.  And That is ALL.

All else is illusion.   All else is self-deception.

So which do We NOW choose to embrace, to live, to express???

Let’s choose Truth this time.  Let us choose our True Essence!

And leave the illusion behind. . . . .


Sunset over Ocean in Hands

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  1. Reblogged this on Daring to Live in Love! and commented:

    Choose wisely, choose well . . . .


  2. I love this. That is all there is to say about it. It sums up all Vedic wisdom.


    • Wow. This conduit, this scribe, is left speechless, overwhelmed by the profundity of the complement you have paid him — and by your recognition. I bow to YOU, my fellow Lightwarrior.
      Just so you know, ‘I’ was raised Catholic, left the church (and all churches) at 16 — and then a few short years later found the penetrating writings of P. Yogananda. He and his words inspired me, launched me into my spiritual path like a rocket into the cosmos. I AM now a conscious vessel for That Which IS, That Which We ALL Are (in Essence of course, lol!). I thank you again for your kind and humbling words.


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