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Ever hear the phrase, ‘We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual BEings having a human experience’?  Still wonder what that really means?  What IS a so-called ‘human being’ anyway?

Statue w Light, Lotus Woman

Maybe this will help. . . .  Here on Earth/Gaia, we are ‘made up of’ two fundamental aspects:  Spirit (also Soul or Divine Essence, which we share in Oneness with All That Is), and Ego (body/lower mind/personality — our ‘vehicle’ here in the lower material realms).  No body = no ego = no 3D ‘personality’.  In other words, these ‘lower aspects’ form an inextricable complex together so that we can ‘navigate’ through time and space in the lower dimensions.  Without going into detail, I’ll just say that Yes, we do carry over from one life to another to another (in ‘time’ of course, which doesn’t actually exist) the heaviest ‘imprints’ from our 3D experiences, the deepest psycho-emotional traumas and ecstasies.  Some people call them ‘lessons’ as well, which we can then retain on a Soul level as a ‘knowing’.  But those deep impressions, or ‘issues’, are ephemeral, and are now being ‘resolved’ (or not) as the process we are immersed in races on at breakneck speed through a collapsing space-time bottleneck.  Regardless, they are not part of our Eternal Divine Aspect.  So much for keeping it simple, lol . . . . .

Sooooo . . . . . .  Which aspect of being ‘human’ do you claim as your Primary Identity???  Spirit or Matter?  Love and Unity Consciousness — OR the transient illusions of the material world and its strictly time-and-space-dependent Separation Consciousness?  It makes ALL the difference, you see, in every single aspect of life.  No exceptions.  Why?  Because, based on which part of your human be-ing you identify with, you determine which aspect you are going to ‘work for’ and ‘cater to’ in your day to day life – the physical, separate ego-self; or the grander, eternal, All-inclusive Higher Self.  Pretty simple, no?

Golden Energetic Meditating Humanoid WOW

I hope this helped shed some Light on this very sensitive, confusing subject.  BE well!  Oh, and when in doubt about what to do, or how to be,  I give you the most successful tool I learned to utilize in my life (though not the easiest to use, no way):  Follow your bliss. . . . .


To offer Love, and to share Love truly, is the most generous and enlightened form of self-interest in which you can engage.  Don’t hesitate.  Do it!’  —  Saul, via John Smallman  (Read the full article here )

Meditation - humanoid on giant lotus, radiant light, fractals, spaceANGEL flying, multicolored impressionistic dynamic

Comments on: "IDENTITY CRISIS" (2)

  1. Really nice dude!
    I’ve just found out your blog in a bashar’s video.
    I’ve been thinking about this things for the last two or three years, and I couldn’t find the answer for one specific question in my limited mind. Maybe you can help me to reach this understanding..
    My question is: Since all the ‘experience’ is based on evolution of the ‘being’, what’s the limit? What happens after the evolutions gets to a maximum state. Is actually there a ‘maximum state of evolution’? and If so, (let’s suppose it is the union with “God”), What happens after? Do we actually need a Universe to exist?
    Well, I’d really like to hear your viewpoint on this. And sorry for any ocassionally english mistake, it is not my mother tongue.
    (I’ll also paste this words below your comment on youtube, in case you don’t see it here)
    Thank you in advance, much love and balance!

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    • Just DO the Inner Work, and BE What you really ARE, which is LOVE! No limits!! And no ‘evolution’ per se, as a Soul/Consciousness simply IS. It is only CREATION that ‘changes’ or ‘evolves’ in the illusion of linear time, and each Soul garnishes more and more skill-experience in CREATING, and ‘managing’ those Creations (worlds, realms, Matrices of 3D life, etc.), as an omnipotent Aspect of the ONE 😀


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