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Earth w Butterfly

We made it, folks!  We turned the corner, the world did NOT blow up, we DID receive amazing waves of Higher Dimensional Energies —  and those of you reading this ARE here to tell the grand story to future generations.  Excellent!

Personally, my entire life, and lifestyle, has changed radically again.  I’ve been reborn into an entirely different lifestream, which includes the addition of another fine, healthy daughter (born in September of last year).  Also, and even more unexpectedly for me, not long before the infamous date of December 21 2012 I left my wife in our mountain home and relocated back to my coastal property after a year at higher altitudes.  I met (in physicality) my Twin Flame the day I left my wife, and arrived at my coastal home again to live here with her.  It was QUITE a day!!!


After two very intense months of fundamental transition and transmutation, I have been called once again to help ‘spread the good word’ via this blog.  So be it.  Love and Light to you all in this New Gaia we are ascending into rapidly together after leaving 3D duality behind forever, and ‘for good’!  More soon from this perpetual Rider of the Cosmic Waves . . . . .


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  1. Love it!! I also experienced a major twenty – twelve shift! 2012 was a weeding process and in November my twin flame showed up! Cosmic Collision! What a ride it has benn! Love your blog! I’ll be back for sure!!


    • Awesome! Since you mention the month. . . . According to something we read afterwards that apparently came from Lady Portia, the dates of November 11-13 2012 represented the Twin Flame Activation Portal for humanity. My Twin Flame and I finally met in physicality (we were introduced via an on-line spiritual group in early September) on November 12th. Hmmmmmmm…….


      • We first connected 10-26 via online, but didn’t meet physically till Nov 9th and have been inseparable since! Serendipity is still running at full force. We both feel as though we been together before. We felt a deep love before even meeting. Nothing made sense to our logical minds, but our hearts understood it! Things moved and were removed very quickly ~ Like the universe was playing catch up time lol Its magical, its mystical, and spiritual! I’m in Awe!! 2012 was quite the year, some things left my life that I thought never would, and somethings came into my life that I never dreamed possible! I’m trusting the plan! 🙂


      • Wow! Such parallels. . . . My twin flame left her newly wedded husband to BE with me (though the relationship was already many years ‘old’), as I finally left my wife (after struggling for quite some time, and many warnings, so no surprise). YES, 2012 brought a complete overhaul in most of our lives!. . . . . I AM also flowing with our Divine Plan and, despite the many challenges, so far so Go(o)d!


  2. I love your story!!! So awesome the parallels! I will be following as it continues to evolve! Our blog is a labor of love with my twin flame. I’ve had a dream simmering on the back burner since 2008 ~ He walked in and my dream has become our reality! God has a Plan!! 🙂


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