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Why Fight It?

Why fight it, or dare I ask?

Why fight the urge to merge,

To live, to bask

In Love?

Why resist The Call?  I wonder. . . .

It builds each day I know

Yet most hit the brakes

Instead of the accelerator

Why hold on to fear and ‘security’?

It makes no sense in the 3D world

Despite the lies your TV blares

LOVE is all you ‘need’ (I know you’ve heard)!

Why fight this global surge of Freedom, of Light?

This wells up within you, you cannot deny it.

It’s driving them mad, those who suppress it –

Unhealthy at best, tragic consequences manifest.

Why not wake up?  Why not Self-empower?

Believe me you, ‘tis nigh the hour!

But each makes their own sovereign choice —

And either gives it away, or takes back their power.

Why fight the urge to live for REAL?

Pursue one’s dreams, drink Joy at every meal?

The ‘conservative’ path leads only to death

If not of the body, of the Soul, no less.

Why fight it?!  I shout

It’s time to put up or shut up!

Fish or cut bait. Lord or lout,

NOTHING more ‘important’ to think about!

One thing I’ve learned

As a surfer of big swells

To swim against a strong current

Is suicidal, a quick ticket to hell

Regardless of your ‘beliefs’ about

Hydrology or Newtonian physics

So Why Fight It???


Comments on: "WHY FIGHT IT?" (7)

  1. Struck me as a Dr. Seuss invitation to ascension 😉


  2. Perfect for the first wave of volunteers, it’s do or die. And yet death appears to be the chosen out for some of our age, per soul contract it is ‘time’. I have been extremely ill these last few days, a karmic clearing from many past lives I Am told. Done with that, Yeehah! Thank you so much for BEing! Lots of Love and Light, Pamela in Mexico


  3. reblogged because it speaks to me. frustration with the topic also eliminates the essence…i gotta fight with the opposing vibration…or not at all


    • ‘Fight’ only with the ‘weapon’ of Love, or you only strengthen the opposing lower vibrations. Strive only to resolve, dissolve, LET GO of the fear and the mentality of physical battle. When being urged to attack that which is perceived to be ‘another’, simply CHOOSE AGAIN, choose the higher path, choose to reinforce Oneness, instead of the (horribly convincing) illusion of separation.


      • With a mind in mind we celebrate the existence of One. Reminded of our whole, I accept diction and relish simplicity’s complication. Thank you for reminding and remembering me. We run forward–infinitely


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