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Funny how Life works sometimes . . . . . Expect the unexpected.

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[Potential commenters please see the note below] Well, I could not NOT post this, an email from Waverider1 (he has his own blog, related to the last post. This synchronicity is going around. Be sure to catch it!

Mahalo again, Waverider! (Hope you’re okay with being KP-Posted!)


Hi, KP –

Just saw your post about the ‘clarification’ of ‘mass arrests’. I wanted to let you know that the friend you quote (RS) is NOT the only one this information came to a couple of days ago. I was both amused and joyfully stunned to read this post, as it did two things: first, let me know that the info IS actually getting out via multiple channels to many people; and second, that my personal ‘sources’ are being validated/confirmed more and more often.

My own intel from On High came in the form of the definition of…

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  1. thank you! sharing.


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