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At Heaven’s Gate

Most have heard the sage advice
From a pulpit or elder wise:
‘Never hide your Inner Light
Under a bushel’

But in this world today
Where our most evolved are called insane
To shine your Brightness out in public
Can cause a tussle

In maintaining the agenda
Of keeping our perceptions well upended
We have been taught that free expression
Is a sin

The exposure of the lies
Of those who profit from downcast eyes
May create a whole new game
‘They’ cannot win

Our common root can here be found
For daily angst, despondence profound
It is now becoming clear
Our ancient plight

We chose to leave our One True Home
Venture off all on our own
And along the way of our True Nature
We just lost sight

But beside the point that all is really
The time has come for massive healing
We must mature back to our place
Within the Light

As we close that brutal cycle
Drag our exhausted bodies the last mile
Some can glimpse the Higher Joy
That for us waits

The bit of sadness we still feel
That we could never quite conceal
Is quickly fading, giving way
To ecstatic states

We can soon return to fun
To what has been our truest song
To dream great dreams of Love
And to create

The circle is complete
The cycle ends, our souls replete
As we like children fuss and fidget
At Heaven’s Gate

Comments on: "AT HEAVEN’S GATE" (5)

  1. You obviously understand the cycle’s The’Game’ is coming to an end.. as the ‘lies’ are exposed.. And I look forward to the opening of that gate..
    Blessings.. a truly wonderful piece of poetry.. ~Sue Dreamwalker


    • Thank you. I feel that the Gate (some call it a Portal too) is already beginning to open. The last few days have been . . . . . different. Intense. I feel things accelerating rapidly, at least in my world.


  2. Beautiful!


  3. At my place (Europe, Serbia, Nish), Portal is opening and shuting in a rythm…and, NOW is time that it is happening…Energies are high, and everyone transforms itself…This is the point of transmutation. We all deserved that. On the some way.
    Happy ride on change!


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