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How Do You KNOW???

How do you know if you’re on the ‘right path’, The Way

The one that Spirit (not ego) points to, and does guide?

How do you know if the things you do and you say

Evidence you’re growing more ‘crazy’, or more wise?


Well, I’m no big expert on all of this stuff

But I’ve been at this quite a while and felt

That these weary days, after decades of toil

I’ve lots of valuable experience under my belt


So if you’d rather read Oneness than Love On The Hill

Watch Thrive or search Google for ‘starseeds’ and garden widgets

Versus veg out on the couch with your chips and stale Coke

Sucking down sitcoms, swallowing newscast lies with your Cheese-Its


That to me indicates that you may be waking up to Reality

That your Soul may no longer be sleeping!

Your bio-robot status may be peeling away as the ‘sheeple’ mentality

No longer gets its corporate-government-sanctioned feeding


If your tastes tend to shift to lighter fare on the table

And your telepathic pets are growing more ‘human’ and smarter

While the little digs that people throw at you day and night

No longer sting you (the proverbial duck’s back and the water)


Then maybe, just maybe, your vibe is increasing

And you are making a lovely transition

Relative to the ‘place’ you were ‘at’ just last year

You have moved consciously to a higher position


As the various poles of collective mind-sets diverge

And the events of illusion appear to get nasty

If you find yourself bucking the trend, putting peace and love first

Partaking of group meditations, sublime visions, even flights of fancy


Then maybe your perception is indeed changing over

To embrace the New Earth, its New Culture, and healing

As you dig farther into truths that can no longer be covered

And see more clearly the Great Liberation, our freedom


Sooooo . . . . . .


If you feel that what’s written here rings a fine, enchanting bell

Then maybe, just maybe, you’re working your way out of Illusion (what many call ‘Hell’)

And the answer to THE question that’s on most everyone’s mind

You’ll discover now in your heart (hint: it rhymes to a tune of the ‘Namaste’ kind)


I leave you now-here, and I pray that you ‘get’

All the answers Within, for both your heart and your head


The Call is now sounding to leave the struggle, the strife

We wake up

And as One


Our True Heavenly LIFE!!!


Comments on: "How Do You KNOW???" (2)

  1. i feel pretty confused about these things, thats why i try to keep my path heading straight towards God and leave the rest on God.


    • Great idea!!! For more info about doing just that, please feel free to read my post about moving from head to heart, as our connection to Divinity is through the heart (feeling, intuition, Love), not the mind/intellect. I was born an intellectual, very cold-hearted and detached, so I’ve moved through the entire spectrum now myself, and found what I was always seeking, and how to balance the two perspectives in daily life. It’s fantastic!


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