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Love Is Quite Caustic

Love Is Quite Caustic

Daring to Live in Love!

Love is quite caustic
Blessed acid of Life
Burns softly it does
Brings warmth to cold nights

Love is quite caustic
It wears gently away
Wood, steel or hate
Cannot stand in its way

Love is quite caustic
The Heart knows it is so
Ego structures erode
Under its inexorable flow

Love is quite caustic
Only fools dare to mock
Open the gates or be flooded
It cannot be stopped

Love is quite caustic
Resistance by force
Shall spell only your doom
Better joyful than toast

Love is quite caustic
A dark fortress? No go!
Its Light breaches all ramparts
You shall reap what you sow

Love is quite caustic
I think you get that by now
Please join our Light Forces
And help bring in the ‘Wow!’

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  1. a wonderful way of looking at love 🙂


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