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I’ve been reading a lot lately about how much trouble people are having with their incessant mind-chatter.  It is proving extremely difficult for many of you to stem the constant flow of ‘noise’ that your ego-mind seems to love to generate, keeping you distracted with superficial material concerns and interpersonal dramas, while keeping your attention away from the really important things in life.  Since I was able to stop my own mind-chatter – consciously and completely – many years ago, maybe I can be of some assistance here by sharing my most effective technique with you (mentioned in one of my previous posts back in December, here).

It’s really, really, really simple.  And btw, the original statement actually comes from the Christian Bible, so not even the most conservative among you should have any ‘issues’ with it (though your fear-ridden ego may try to convince you otherwise).  This is what you do:  When the ridiculous chatter has you batty, just make this statement in your head, using as assertive and confident a tone as you can muster . . . .


That’s it. That’s all you need to do.  In the beginning, you will probably need to repeat this ‘mantra’ several times before it becomes effective.  With time, however, it will succeed in stopping that annoying little voice in your head immediately with the first firm utterance.  Eventually, you’ll find (like I did) that just having the thought of making the statement, or the desire to quiet your mind, will be enough to make it so.  The verbal statement becomes completely internalized and ‘assumed’, you see, and therefore unnecessary.

You can also ‘customize’ this statement for specific situations or purposes.  Try replacing the word ‘Love’ with one of the following, depending on your desired effect or result:   Spirit . . . Joy . . . Worthy . . . Fun . . . Light . . . Confident . . . . Safe . . . . Happy . . . . Good.  Follow your Inner Guidance, and play with it!  Whatever works best, right?

FYI, the original statement (from the Bible, remember) uses the word ‘God’ — which is what I myself used, and very successfully so, for this amazingly effective technique (before my ‘customizing’ began that is).  I understand, however, that many people out there may take serious issue with this Truth, and so will not even try it out.  This is why I have presented it in this manner.  Hopefully you can quickly arrive at the place of Self-knowledge and Self-esteem to be able to utilize this miraculous tool in its original form.

Lastly, don’t be shy about using this mantra, or a modified variation thereof, for the purpose of initiating deep meditation.  It works great!  Again, one of its most appealing qualities IS its flexibility/adaptability.  Above all, though, just do it, and reap the powerful, amazing, and perpetual accumulative benefits!

P.S. – I’d love to get your feedback on this.  Please let me know how things go (let us know really, with the other blog readers included of course), and feel free to post in the comments section below any expansions or helpful hints you may discover/create, plus any positive experiences you may want to share that may help or encourage others.  Thanks!  Also, please feel free to re-post and/or forward this to whomever you think might derive some benefit.  In these crazy times, we all need to band together in true community spirit, and help each other out in any way we can!


  1. I must say my monkey mind tries to dart off on it’s own frequently throughout the day still. To my awakening credit, I catch it pretty quickly and quiet or redirect my thoughts in a way that serves me. I look forward to the time I am always just peacefully there. Miracles do happen…..maybe today!


  2. my mind is a chatterbox, a ceaseless chattering machine 😦


  3. Hi, mine is a. Wandering mind, is that the same as a chattering mind? Which i need to watch. To do with certain negative thougths. Positive. thoughts or something to break through lt quickly before it takes hold. with my desire cos it is or now was. Daydreaming.abused childhood.


    • Wandering in your thoughts, or ‘daydreaming’, is definitely not the same as having your monkey-mind (ego) chattering away in your head all the time (which is what most people still ‘suffer from’, experience daily). I’m an adept at mastering both, so if you’d like some help with either (or both), just click on my Professional Services page, read it over, and contact me if you feel drawn to do so, if you feel I could help you 🙂


  4. Thank you but no word can replace what is lost forever in this life, and nothing can help


    • Your Welcome. But ‘replacement’ of what is lost in this life is not what these tools are for, not their purpose. It is to make the rest of OUR lives more peaceful and enJOYable. As we’ve all been taught since birth, one must work with the cards one is dealt in Life, make the most of things, minimize the pain and maximize the fun. Logical, no?? 🙂


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