life and times . . . . a waverider's perspective

The harsher the oppression — physical and non-physical — the stronger it grows: the desire – the passion, the need – for Freedom.

Love and appreciate your so-called enemies, both conscious (living) and circumstantial, for the critical role they play; they do you a grand service. Without them, in the absence of their ‘provocation’, stagnation, decadence, narcissistic self-indulgence and boredom would be your perpetual companions in this world.

True Peace is not the absence of conflict and challenge, but rather the absence of separation. Unity Consciousness demands the presence of Unconditional Love. Where Unconditional Love is present, so is True Peace. The stronger Its presence, the greater the inner peace.

Where there is Life, there is movement, flow, change, growth, expansion, creation — challenge. No challenge, no change. No change, no growth. No growth, no expansion. No expansion, no Creation. The line between stagnation and rot is wafer thin. The line between ‘peace’ — in the sense most people view that concept (as simply a lack of physical conflict and/or strife) — and stagnation . . . . . even thinner.

Physical death is a far, far cry from the ‘worst’ that one can experience.

As a musician once scribed some time ago, I’d rather wear out than rust out.

Be safe, stay centered, and stay very alert and discerning — both internally and externally — in the days to come.  May all your personal choices lead you upward and onward on your never-ending journey Home. . . . .


  1. Great post Waverider! Thank you. 🙂


  2. “No challenge, no change. No change, no growth. No growth, no expansion. No expansion, no Creation.” Love that. So true!
    My only thought is that it’s hard to truly ‘love’ the enemies who create real threats to your life and your family. I can pray for them. I can remind myself that God loves all of us and that they’re loved by Him. I can respect that and wish them well: wish that they find light. But, at the end of the day, sometimes you have to take action against those that hurt you or threaten you so that they’ll stop.


    • YES, it is hard! But here’s the key: To love another, especially as you hold in your thoughts that the ‘other’ is actually another Aspect of the You that we all Are (Unity Consciousness, remember), is NOT the same thing as ‘liking’ or ‘wanting to be with’. One of the most powerful lessons my ex-wife taught me was this: You do NOT have to ‘like’ somebody in order to truly love them. True Unconditional Love is NOT romantic love nor familial love or any other specific expression of what we call Love (and vice versa). Also, just because you love somebody (or even animals, etc.) does NOT mean that you must therefore approve of or accept anything and everything they do. No way! This is where the concepts of ‘self-love’ and ‘tough love’ come in, right?

      More importantly, if you cannot learn to love ALL other Aspects of your Spiritual Self (like the Cabalists/Oligarchs/Illuminati/Warmongers for example) — without ‘accepting’ everything they do, and even forcibly resisting it if necessary for your own self-protection or suvival, naturally — then how on Earth will you ever learn to love ALL the aspects of your ‘individual’ self? We all have our ‘dark sides’, you see. It’s more than just a theoretical parallel: By learning to love all aspects of SELF, you simultaneously come to accept and love all aspects of self. Can you see how that works? Without arriving at that sacred place, one cannot move forward/upward in one’s spiritual evolution.

      From what I can gather from all my readings of all the spiritual luminaries throughout history, and those assisting us here and now, the following is Truth: The most powerful ‘weapon’ we have ‘against’ those who seek to do us harm is Unconditional Love. There is literally nothing more potent, more powerful, in all the Multiverse. Personally, I have made my peace with self and Self and SELF — while using the ‘weapons’ of information dissemination and noncompliance to peacefully counteract the machinations of those misguided souls who refuse to just let us BE. As you shall soon see, it appears to have helped tip the balance in our favor (and Our favor), as many of ‘them’ have seen the Light now, and their removal from society is now in process. Pray that they get the re-education they so sorely need, so that some day, maybe somewhere else, they can rejoin/remerge with the greater Soul of Humanity in harmonic collective abundance.


  3. if we can gather, they truly do us good. but mostly anger overpowers us and starts its corrossive act.


  4. When I meditate I send ‘them’ love. I figure they need it more than anyone else. I like your reply that I can love them and it does not mean I like them, or what they do.
    Thanks for goood food for thought.


  5. Dear waverider, thank you so much for your reply on my blog with similar content, – yes, and even the congruent date is amazing ! And it is amazing how waves of truth that wants to be expressed and that carry affinity repeat themselves ever more to penetrate the consciousness of humanity! To me the reality of this truth was always a central theme since many years and played an important part in my essential learning time with the Great Spiritual Masters. Because my soul desired it so much. But now, as the world is at the peak of suffering and partly in denial of what needs to be integrated, the urge came from the depths of my Being to express what needs to be integrated in our consciousness. Thank you for being here and on the same wave :)- length! ❤


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