life and times . . . . a waverider's perspective

I have only tried to reblog someone else’s post once before (and it didn’t even work), but THIS one just calls out to me, as it relates to at least two of my own previous posts, and adds so much critical and profound and beautifully expressed information to these topics. The themes here are CHOICE and IDENTITY (Who and What We Are), basically. Enjoy!

Lucas 2012 Infos

Hello,  I’m back! Holiday done … whoo hoo! I’m ready to resume with all the gusto a gust can tow!!

We FEEL your exuberance and consider it necessary to retort in the same degree of fashion. It has not been years since last communicating … yet it has been a matter of silence and we are keen also to resume.

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Please Comment or Expand on this if you resonate with the above. . . . .

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