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This post is ‘motivated’ by something not so positive: My state of being sick and tired of being drawn into ‘discussions’ of current events, the state of humanity, and the meaning of life, with people who, for lack of a better form of expression, are horribly ill-informed and/or ill-equipped for the task. I blame myself for these events. I should know better by now.

Remember the old semi-sarcastic phrase, ‘I don’t engage in battle with an unarmed person’? Well, I’ve really tried to live by that rule since my days in university – but haven’t quite managed to succeed. In this case, the ‘arms’ being referred to are information.

I have vigorously researched literally all the important aspects of Life On Planet Earth since my teenage years, and then turned around and applied that information to my personal life to test it out and see which bits of information appeared to be ‘observably accurate’, and which could be set aside as ‘essentially inaccurate’. It’s called ‘The Scientific Method’ for those of you not briefed in this strategy of arriving at so-called truth. I have always applied it rigorously to my investigations as much as possible (some areas are notably limited in its applicability), and held myself to ‘conclusions’ about life based on its very strict guidelines.

I QUIT!!! I am no longer able to continue offering insights and strategies and helpful hints and critical information to people, at great social and personal risk. No more. My ‘mission’ in this particular lifetime never included acts of abject masochism, regardless of how much I really, really want ALL of humanity to discover not only the truth of their existence (at these lower dimensional levels at least), but the ineffable inner peace and joy that I have managed to unearth and experience in my journey here. Therefore, I’m done!  (BTW, some people I know may actually celebrate this decision of mine — I understand, too, and don’t mind at all. . . .).

You see, in my powerful desire to help ‘inform’ others about what’s going on around here, assist with the awakening of humanity to its own suppressed history and present circumstances, and also help others in reducing their fearful reactions to world events — and seeing the ‘brighter side’ of things — I continually expose myself to vicious attack. These attacks come from otherwise well-meaning individuals who, via their ignorance (lack of personal investigation), become subject to complete dominance by their irrational ego-minds. Often their deeply held, uninvestigated beliefs are fundamentally challenged by simple statements such as, ‘It’s crazy how easily the owners of the Federal Reserve can manipulate the money supply and the financial markets’, or even something personal like, ‘I improved my vision using exercises I read in a book first printed in the 1930’s.’, and especially with health issues, such as ‘According to both my personal experience and a substantial number of studies of the past few years published in professional medical journals, the primary cause of most human illness appears to be excessive stress, and not external pathogens.’, or ‘Regular meditation dramatically reduces stress, increases general health, and opens up avenues to expanding one’s spirituality.’ Sometimes it’s like I said to them with venom in my tone, ‘Your grandmother is a disease-ridden whore who deserves to die.’ Really! (not always, of course, but more often than not, especially with the economic and personal health issues). The extremism of the emotional attacks against my simple observations [read the above statements again if you like, carefully, and see how they are statements that are either a) of my personal experience — not ‘opinion’, mind you, but real experience – and/or b) an event or fact that can be verified by anybody who has a computer and an internet connection, or access to a library] are stunning in their intensity sometimes – especially among supposedly educated North Americans (who tend to think – have been raised and brainwashed to think more likely — that they are always the smartest person around, and the most ‘rational’!). And what happens when I produce easily verifiable FACTS to back up my simple observations? I get something like ‘That just can’t be right!’. . . . or ‘Oh, I think it’s best we just don’t talk about this anymore’ . . . . or some such BS like that. It’s a complete cop-out, you see, because these people know that they don’t have any real factual or experiential information at hand to contradict what I am telling them (or even events that I am just relating to them as part of my personal life experience) – AND, maybe more importantly, they do not, under any circumstances, wish to discover through debate or investigation or any means whatsoever that their very highly cherished religious beliefs might be ‘flawed’ or (God forbid!) completely inaccurate. BTW, I use the term ‘religious’ very purposefully here – regardless of the subject matter, even economics or politics or even ‘science’ — because that term implies exactly what I mean to express: The irrational, emotional attachment to a rigid, dogmatic belief system in the face of any and all evidence pointing to its possible inaccuracy. (My expanded definition, of course). Another huge motivation for the attacks, especially on health issues: People who are deeply mired in ego and illusion just hate to have their excuses taken away!

Let’s face it: Most so-called educated people in the West (in this case, I mean Western Hemisphere people with a high school education or above) range in their states of purposeful self-education about life between a big fat zero, and around the intensity of effort needed for memorizing sports statistics or cooking recipes. For those few that do manage to read books on occasion outside of what is required for their careers, their booklists tend to include more romance or suspense novels (think Harlequin or Dean Koontz or Stephen King) or adventure/high drama stories (like Hunter S. Thompson or Tom Clancy or John Grisham) than anything directly about ‘real life’ like, um, NON-fiction. They also tend to get their social and political and economic ‘information’ from sources such as Rush Limbaugh or Dan Rather or the Wall Street Journal or Oprah Winfrey – and trust those sources more than their own family, close friends, intuition or even personal direct experience. Sad, but very true statistically.

It’s really NOT worth it to try to help ‘enlighten’ these people, as they are decisively UNmotivated to learn any real truth for themselves. About anything. Even if they are dying of cancer, and you know where they can possibly find a cure (but the high priests of the US medical establishment are refusing to allow them that option, or any ‘alternative’ treatment is directly prohibited by their medical insurance carrier), you may as well talk to a gnat or your living room furniture about it, as you’ll probably get a more positive reaction.

Hey, it’s OK! From a Higher Perspective, you see, each individual has the inalienable RIGHT to believe, or not believe, whatever they want to. They also have the inalienable RIGHT to not look into the most fundamental issues of our existence. This why I blame myself for getting sucked into these ‘discussions’ with uninformed (ignorant) people – I shouldn’t be talking to them about these core life issues in the first place! The ONLY time I should discuss any really important issues with anybody who I don’t live with in the same household (and even then it’s a fine line, and highly dependent on other factors, like whether I want to still keep living with them or not) is if THEY ask ME directly and sincerely for my feedback or advice on a subject.

At this late date, I feel that it is time for us to ‘live and let die’, period. Everybody on this planet has been presented with at least some information regarding the way things really operate here, and have therefore been given at least a tiny opportunity to investigate ‘reality’ for themselves. If they have not been sufficiently self-motivated to do so, then oh well! Tough s–t. They, like us, shall reap the consequences of their choices – and soon. This is what they have chosen, and it is therefore their deepest desire to experience those consequences. So be it.

From now on, I shall never, ever, discuss any really important issues in life (with non-intimates at least, again subject to the above variables) unless the other person involved directly asks me to, and promises to remain calm, objective, and open-minded. Period. It will also help if the other person has already done some personal research into the subject matter, of course, and isn’t just talking out of their arse, arguing with me based only on what they ‘want’ to believe is true or possible. Although it may be challenging to hold myself to this rule with my family and close friends, I basically must do this in order to avoid . . . . well, ‘unpleasant consequences’. Hopefully, I won’t have to play this ridiculous game of withholding important information from people I care about (for reasons of self-preservation, and relationship-preservation) for too much longer.

I just wanted to share this somewhat less-than-positive sentiment with you today, because I feel that maybe, just maybe, some of you out there are running into the same type of communication challenges. KNOW that you are not alone in your trials and tribulations these crazy days. Also KNOW that we shall soon be ‘allowed’ to cooperate more easily and freely with each other – those of us of ‘like mind’ – for the upliftment of our beautiful planet, and all the forms of Life that dwell in, above, and upon it – including even those who currently criticize and fight and scorn us, and our particular version of ‘insanity’.

The Beginning is VERY near now . . . . .


Comments on: "I QUIT!" (3)

  1. Beck Nothburga said:

    Namaste!!!! The beginning is very near! I am into the same and sometimes I see no change and I ask myself what I am doing and why – they all seem to sleep. So I will have to let them sleep. Soon they will awaken. TRUST!!!!

    Sorry – I can’t get it any better in English!!!!

    Lots of love and light from Liechtenstein



  2. I’m with you Brother! Learned that one a while back but it is still a challenge not to be able to share with the ones we care about the most.
    Love that picture at the bottom……I can feel it!
    Hugs ~


  3. @ Beck – Thanks for your support and positive energy from Lichtenstein. I appreciate it!

    @ TA – I feel it, too, being a beach bum at heart (and pretty much in reality as well). Having a person close to you with a ‘that stuff isn’t important to me’ attitude is VERY challenging at times for sure! I totally relate to you on that count. . . . .


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