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Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles and such under the general theme of ‘ascension’ and related spiritual topics – and the questions and comments that people have about ‘all this stuff’.   I find it very, very . . . . puzzling, I suppose, that the majority of the questions and ‘concerns’ regarding our theoretical lives in 5D (the fifth dimension, the frequency we are theoretically ‘jumping’ into at the end of this year) – coming from supposedly ‘spiritually educated Lightworkers’ who have read books and articles and meditated and such for years now — have to do with personal health.  Um, folks, do you not realize that your physical bodies are primarily material constructs, part of the third dimension?  Do you not also realize that we are Eternal Spiritual Beings having a 3D experience, and not the other way around?  In other words, people, since the fifth dimension is primarily non-material, and our powers of direct manifestation are radically increased at those levels (and ‘time’ as we know it does not exist, so nor does aging), AND our bodies are currently being transmuted into ‘Light bodies’ with a crystalline (versus simple carbon) base – well, all your concerns are completely unfounded, you see!  EVEN IF YOUR PHYSICAL BODY IS ‘LOST’ or ‘TOASTED’ IN THE ENERGETIC TRANSITION, you will simply and easily be able to create a brand new one in 5D, and one ‘custom designed’ to your wildest specifications, right?  So PLEASE stop stressing yourself out about this stuff already!  What you are doing by allowing your EGO to continually feed you with fear-based thoughts is inhibiting your progress – and making things much more difficult than they have to be.

How do I ‘know’ this?  Because I have already been through this process myself on the physical level to some extent (not finished, mind you, no way, but pretty well advanced).  I have not gotten truly ‘sick’ (needing medical attention) for at least 15 years now, nor have had to visit a dentist.  I can outsurf and outjog and outwork almost any man half my age, too – on less food and sleep, and without any artificial aids.  Why, you ask?  Or, more importantly, HOW???  Well, I simply embraced this process a long time ago, surrendered to it and, along with some very effective techniques I learned back then about controlling my thoughts and attitudes and manifestation and such, worked my buns off at creating a body that was not just ‘healthy’, but (to use a term getting popular these days) thriving.  It’s not hard at all really.  However, it does take an enormous amount of self-discipline.

Anyway, DON’T WORRY, FOLKS!  Just focus on getting you and your body through this year OK, and you’ll be very well taken care of when our next adventure starts around the northern winter solstice.


A few years ago I was fortunate to run across a book entitled ‘Happiness Is A Choice’, by Barry Neil Kaufman.  Its basic message was this:  Personal happiness is a personal choice (pretty obvious, huh?).  The author cites studies and research to point out that things like money, material possessions, type of job, family cohesion, etc. have some influence on a person’s ability to feel content and happy with their lives – statistically speaking — but not nearly as much as most people believe (those pesky ‘beliefs’ again, huh?).  In other words, your ‘circumstances’ have NOTHING to do with your level of contentment or joy — or, to be more accurate I guess, happiness — in your life.   To put in another way, your personal happiness in life is almost completely a matter of ATTITUDE and PERSPECTIVE, you see.

This I learned and personally (and viscerally) a very long time ago, via my old career (as a necessity to making a living), and so had it deeply ingrained into my psyche.  That did NOT guarantee my having to often re-mind myself of its veracity, however.  Constant mental and emotional discipline. . . . .

Anyway, I hope this helps some of you who may not be living in complete and ineffable joy during these challenging times (lol).  Carry on . . . . . and CHOOSE HAPPINESS!

P.S. – Good news is coming soon to help you in this quest, so hang in there!!!

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  1. I’m “on it” with knowing I am a healthy individual (not being sick over 20yrs). Now to own the other “knowings” in my life that I haven’t quite manifested visibly yet!


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