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We all know what the Holy Trinity is, right?  God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Ghost (or Spirit, depending on who you ask).  Religions other than Christianity have their ‘trinities’, too, you know.  For example, the Hindus have Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver/Maintainer), and Shiva (the Destroyer).

There are also lots of other trinities out there for us to contemplate.  Here are a few examples of the more ‘mundane’ sort . . . . .  Up, Down, and Sideways. .  . .  Past, Present, and Future . . … . X, Y & Z (think geometry here) . . . . Blood, Sweat and Tears (lol) . . . . The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (one of my favorites!).

Ok.  You get the idea.  Much of our lives, or at least our thoughts about our lives, are subtly influenced by these things called trinities – and quite a bit more than subtly in the case of the religious ones.  So one day earlier this year, I was reading some stuff about current events, the apparent ‘awakening’ of humanity, messages from Other Dimensions, etc., and I got to reflecting on the Holy Trinity I was raised to firmly believe in (Catholic upbringing in this case).  I realized that this deeply influential thought-form/religious doctrine is woefully inadequate (let alone purposefully obscure – ask any priest or nun what the ‘Holy Ghost’ actually is, and you’ll more than likely get a ‘Oh, it’s one of the Great Mysteries of Divinity, my child . . . .’ or some such nonsense); it does not even on the best of its days suffice as a fundamental basis of, or guiding thought pattern for, ‘how to lead successful and harmonious lives’.

So what else could work?  So it came to me:  A new Trinity!  Of course . . . .  So in my many readings over the years, there has been one very cogent idea that has surfaced on occasion that has always struck me as ‘ringing true’ to some extent.  The idea is this (see my last blog, ‘Equations’, too):  Love, Joy, and Truth are ONE THING that is simply expressed in THREE WAYS – and all three of these things at their highest levels or expressions equate to the DIVINE (or Oneness, or God, or Allah, or All That Is, or whatever you’d like to label ‘That’ as).

So there it is, you see – we now have our New Trinity for the New Age of Humankind and the New Earth we are soon to step into:  LOVE, JOY & TRUTH!  Go forth and represent, my fellow progressive thinkers!

Ok, we’re set now . . . . .right?


Comments on: "THE NEW TRINITY" (3)

  1. Ha, I almost felt the need to make the sign of the cross when you made reference to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost (who, by the way, we all know is the white dove – the paraclete). Thanks for the smiles with Blood, Sweat & Tears and well as The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (love Clint Eastwood 🙂 Best of all, thanks for all the ways of new, awakening thinking helping us/me see many old thoughts in a powerful new “Light”!


  2. I think you came the closest to the true meaning of the Trinity than even modern day Catholics have.

    You are completely right when you say the trinity is 3 ways of explaining the same thing. If you traced the origins of the trinity back as far as it can go and see how religions adopted its meaning it shows that the trinity is access to 3 different forms of our reality.

    The first form usually meaning our every day life, second form, being the lucid dream like state, and finally the mystical extacy state. There are many versions of this but the over all meaning is that there are 3 different doors to the same hall.

    Its quite interesting how all religions can be traced back to practices by the earliest tribes. Christianity was powerful because it was a topography to the old testament which was a topography to the Sumerian texts and so on and so on.

    If your interested in a great background of this kind of information you should read ” the arcane schools by john yarker”. very great read!


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