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Another very cogent message (from Greg Giles) fell into my inbox the other day, this one relating to what I wrote about a couple of weeks ago:  ‘Belief’, ‘seeing’, ‘proof’ of the existence of things, etc.  So with the idea of further elucidating the subject matter – a very critical one at this point of space-time here on Gaia – I reprint part of it here.  You ‘see’, those who do not ‘believe’ that progress is being made on this planet by the forces of good are, frankly speaking, just ignoring what is being presented to them in the media (and in their hearts as well).  They do not want to see these events for what they are, what they mean, as the acceptance of these real, factual, fully visible and widely publicized events threaten their core belief systems so deeply, it freezes them in their tracks, and makes them reject outright (deny them as ‘real’).  Any information that conflicts with what they are ‘comfortable’ accepting as ‘reality’ in their minds tends to get ignored, pushed aside, or even attacked.  I understand that this behavior is one of the tell-tale signs of PTSD.  It’s a problem.  But hey, we’ve all been put through some deep psychological trauma in this lifetime, every last one of us here.  Get over it already!  Once you do, you’ll see how beautiful we can make this world again — if just a few more of you out there will just finally accept the FACT that radical change is not only inevitable, but absolutely necessary, in order for us to save our global assets.  Now.

Note:  This post, this information, is meant primarily for those out there who still doubt that much is happening, those who do not yet believe that we are making a LOT of progress, rapid progress, in our movement towards a better world for the human race.  For those of you who are already convinced of this, the message below will serve as a nice pick-me-up, some much-needed encouragement.  Also note that this information is over a week old, and MUCH more has happened since it was originally posted (more arrests of greedy bankers and corrupt reporters, more sightings and videos and news reports about ‘strange’ flying objects, more truly bizarre sounds coming from both underground and the sky – now most of them confirmed to be ‘natural’ by scientists, due to the radically shifting magnetics of the Earth, and the Sun’s extreme electromagnetic explosions and emissions — and more shocking revelations about the real financial/manipulation scams that the Wall Street and Fed and IMF elite have been perpetrating on us for quite a few decades, etc.).  Things are looking more exciting and hopeful every single day – for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see. . . . .



. . . .  . .  There are some at this time who are asking when ascension related events will begin to take place. For all those waiting for just one major ascension event to take place, please understand that ascension and all its related branches is a process, an ongoing process that is already happening all around you. Although there will be a culmination celebration, if you only wait for this event to take place you will certainly miss many important and exciting events that are transpiring every day.

Are you waiting for first contact? I tell you first contact has already happened for many of your brothers and sisters. Are you waiting for the new financial system? See: worldwide banking system collapse, the ‘Trillion Dollar Lawsuit’, and other related information regarding the new system. Are you waiting for legal action against dark cabal agents? See: successful indictments against Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, legal action against Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, IMF chief Dominique Strauss- Kahn, News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch, and the recent arrests of four News Corp. staff members and one U.K. policeman. Are you waiting for shifts in military power? See: the Navy’s takeover of ‘landlocked’ NORAD, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, as well as the reports from the Galactic Federation concerning their campaign against the cabal’s secret space command. Are you waiting for social changes? See: the Occupy Movement. Are you waiting for Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command intervention? See: space shuttle grounded, failing satellites, failing rockets, and underground bases destroyed. Are you waiting for messages from higher intelligences? See: countless channelers and crop circles. Are you waiting for signs of geological changes? See: earthquakes, record warm winter temperatures throughout the world, and mysterious sounds echoing throughout the skies all across our planet. Are you waiting for extraterrestrial disclosure? See: Fox broadcasting Company, New York Times, , the History Channel, hundreds of local news stations,,, the New Zealand government, the UK government, as well as many countless insider whistleblowers and other sources. Are you waiting for ET spacecraft to begin de-cloaking?  See: countless recent video and photographic evidence.

Keep in mind that all of this is a team effort, a participation project, and a tremendous opportunity to get involved and help spread love and light to replace fear and its many derivatives, and it is all happening right now all around you. Don’t wait for ascension and all its related events to come to you. They are already well underway and await you and your participation.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I strongly encourage you all to relax, allow some joy about the rapid positive changes to filter into your daily waking consciousness, and re-motivate yourselves to get more actively involved today, do whatever you ‘believe’ you can to help things move along even more quickly.  Try to start living the New Earth Abundance Systems now, during this, the most amazing time ever to be alive anywhere in the history of this planet!


Comments on: "BELIEVING IS SEEING II: Can You SEE The Progress We’re Making?" (2)

  1. People who choose not to believe something because they cant see something is denying themselves true reality, or a true human experience.

    Every material thing is set to its own vibration like a radio station. Our consciousness is the same thing. Physics only works within our frequency of this physical universe, anything outside that range, physics falls apart..

    The progress in this world is there for anyone to see if they choose. If you search for something you will find it. Unfortunately with modern war far games. and the slew of other kill em all video games, people would rather stay in the dream world that has been created for them..

    Unfortunately for them the people who are sick of it are coming out, and change is on its way these people expect everything to be done for them before they put any of their time into it. And thats fine, cause when we awake on the other side we can show them that if they believed, they would have seen long ago everything was going to be allright.


    • Thanks for your comments, MM. Unfortunately for ‘those who expect everything to be done for them before they put any of their time into it’ — ie., those who want the trail already blazed and cleared and made ‘easy’ for them, as well as handed overwhelming ‘proof’ that this is the ‘right and true path to liberation’, and then led by the hand through the gauntlet of personal evolution — they shall simply miss the boat (this time), as there is simply not enough time left for them to realistically prepare adequately for what is to come. Fortunately, however, they shall all have another go at it at some other place and time, most likely under much less trying circumstances, and maybe, just maybe, their experience here on Terra at this juncture will serve them well then.
      We shall ALL go Home sooner or later. That much is certain, because we never really ‘left’ in the first place! In this co-created world of duality, our collective dream-illusion of separation, those who choose not to ‘awaken’ now will eventually get around to it, and indeed realize in one great moment of epiphany that everything IS actually alright — and could never have been otherwise.


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