life and times . . . . a waverider's perspective


It’s been QUITE the long haul, hasn’t it?  Personally, I feel like in the last 20 years I’ve lived at least three lifetimes!  Two wives, two countries, at least a dozen different homes, handicapped foster children, my own biological child (and another on the way!), radical swings in finances, extremely ‘bizarre’ experiences, violent physical attacks, family and social challenges that try the soul to its core, successful dream creation and blissful dreams come true, the depths of despondency, the heights of ecstasy, etc., etc.  How’s your journey been this time around?

WaveRider1 sitting on his surfboard on a beach in Calfornia, circa 'decades ago'

As far as I can gauge from communications with many fellow ‘spiritual warriors’, in general we are all feeling bone tired, feeling very tried (but not always true) and, for the most part, exasperatingly frustrated.  After soooooo many years of internal development, struggle, pushing, evolution, expansion, yoga, meditation, soul searching, volunteer work, protesting, ‘expressing’, caretaking, self-healing, others healing, etc. – with very little apparent 3D results visible on the global scene – who can blame us?  We’ve had the famous Golden Age of Mankind dangled in front of our torn and tattered souls so many d—m times and in so many blessed ways over the last few decades that, when it comes, it might just seem like an anti-climax to some.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to go outside and stare dead straight at one of those not-quite-natural-looking clouds and shout, ‘Let’s just GET THERE already, OK?!’

My take on these final stages before the Big Shift is as follows:  We are being ‘tested’, folks:  Our patience.  Our resolve.  Our ability to keep holding on in the face of constant, aggressive attacks on our faith and our sanity from both without and within.  Talk about ‘trial by fire’!  Well, I’ve heard that quality steel can only be forged in the hottest of fires, but that once it’s done, it’ll cut the hardest of woods like a warm knife through soft butter. . . . .

After hundreds or even thousands of years of dabbling in this illusion we call Planet Earth, it’s time to go back Home – but most people have forgotten where or even what ‘Home’ is, much less even looks like.  We can’t just pop open a soda can and pour the lost, duped, blinded masses a tall drink of True Reality all of a sudden like, and throw them into radical sensory overload, can we?  (regardless of how tempting that may sound).  Anyway, the Powers That Really Be are trying to bring these mind-blowing changes in as quickly as possible, sure – but not too quickly to fry the unwashed, unprepared masses’ circuit boards.   Unfortunately for us, this means that, though many of us can see the beauty and wonder of what’s coming just over the horizon, we are being asked to maintain – ie. survive, tolerate, hold together, manage, etc. without blowing an artery — our very challenging current lives and lifestyles just a weeeee bit longer, so as to let as much of the rest of Humanity get within ‘range’ of a certain critical threshold before the fireworks can really start going off.  Hang in there, folks, and please carry on as best you can with your day-to-day lives, for ALL of our sakes – for the time being.  Keep the faith!

Carry on my wayward son . . . .

There’ll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more . . . .


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  1. Carry On…..that Kansas song has played zillions of times in my head! And I love that particular expression of Buddha! From the sound of your posts it appears I’m not the only one sending you e-mails with similar tones. Sending Love, Light and Gratitude to my fellow individual expressions of our ONE SELF ~


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