life and times . . . . a waverider's perspective

There is a LOT of confusion these days, lots of frenetic activity, lots of violence even (both physical and emotional), all over the world.  Many people are overwhelmed.  Some people out there, those dwelling more on the fearful aspects of current events rather than the promising, transcendent aspects of the current ‘acceleration’ in human evolution, are quite literally freaking out.  As always, it is simply a matter of where one chooses to put ones attention, ones focus, ones energies, that determines how you, as an individual, experience these events.  As I’ve grown to learn, through very direct experience, it’s really as simple as that.

On that note, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive (via one of my regular subscriptions) the following information from a blog site a few days ago.  What I just LOVE about this information, and the very sound advice to all those people having some difficulty dealing with the world right now, is that it is not only wonderfully upbeat, and can prove exceptionally helpful for many of my fellow humans out there, but also is right up my alley!  You’ll see what I mean . . . . . .

 = = = = = = = = = = =

Excerpt from message on November 19th (SaLuSa, via Laura Tyco), regarding the powerful energies washing over our planet right now (my text enhancements, obviously):

‘The unrest on Mother Earth is a result of these energies not being assimilated in the human consciousness fully. These events are perceived very strongly by Mother Earth. So this is why we emphasize on meditation, on transformation, and on inner peace at this time. Joy, fun, and happiness are the best way to process these energies, as their frequencies are in phase with the tsunami of love showering you. However, as with any wave, there are ups and downs, dangers, but it can also be much fun if you can manage to surf it and use its energetic power to go forward.

We recommend you to have as much fun, joy and love within your heart, dear ones. These huge waves will eventually transform your world, so welcome them into your life, as these are much needed for you all. Keep your inner energy frequency in phase with the cosmic frequencies through Mother Earth and through practicing conscious breathing. Close your eyes and just sense your body, its energy waves, its rhythm.’

 = = = = = = = = = =

Folks, this is precisely what I have been doing!  As a result, I have experienced, in my own body, not a single ‘painful’ or ‘startling’ symptom from these Earth Changes, these ‘tsunamis of love’ washing over Gaia.  I HAVE been experiencing, on the other hand, the positive effects of these ‘huge waves’ – mind-blowing episodes of pure love, ecstatic joy, and the deepest of feelings of peace and tranquility imaginable.  It is, quite literally, out of this world!

Now, even though my life is nothing like most people’s, as I have over the last two decades created a very unique lifestyle – one that may not be your ideal lifestyle, of course, but one that I personally enjoy immensely – there are still times, almost daily, when things don’t go peeeerrfectly smoothly with my wife, my little daughter, or others I interact with.  However, when these occasional less-than-harmonious situations come up, I always keep in mind (not in the ‘back of my mind’ anymore, mind you, but in the front of my mind), that (a) ‘this too shall pass’, (b) there is a good reason for everything that I am co-creating in this very crazy lifetime, and (c) the best way to resolve any challenging situation is (as I mentioned in an article I published a while ago) to put yourself in a calm, centered, focused place internally, and then ask the question: ‘What would Love do?’  Although I definitely can’t claim to bat 100% regarding this technique, I’m definitely way over the Major League batting averages . . . .

Anyway, maybe this’ll help you.  Maybe not.  Regardless, for me, it sure was stimulating to find such a personally satisfying metaphor being used for such a monumental event in our planetary history.  Like I said before, this thing called Life on Planet Earth during the ‘Change Times’ is quite the thrilling ride.  SURF’S UP, HOMEYS!!!

Please Comment or Expand on this if you resonate with the above. . . . .

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